My body, my responsibility, my results…


When Captain first asked me last year if I was ready to step outside my comfort zone (referring to my fitness plan) and try something new, being the obedient F.O., my first initial response was, of course! He explained what he was thinking and had looked into. This is a man who has always been into fitness and active, but only until the recent swallowing of the bitter red pill, did he truly make a commitment. He upped his gym time and somewhat hit a plateau when he discovered a new hardcore gym. He took on the trial and the prerequisite 8 day training course, dabbled a bit, but never fully committed. After my quick, “yes” (because you gals out there know how much we aim to please with full respect) I came up with excuse number one, let me finish school first, then can we revisit it? Yes, three months later, I earned my first degree and graduated. Honestly, I hadn’t thought about his offer on the table since.

One day he went to the old gym, nothing new about that, then said he had signed up for the new one as well. My reaction, as if I had the right to have one was, without me? Whiner, yuk. Being the awesome Captain that he is, replied, “it’s not my job to drag you through. I told you once”. Ouch! He’s right. My body is my responsibility. His is to push me and lead me, but he cannot do it for me.  So he handled signing me up for my training part and now I too was committed.

It has been two months and I am a little more faithful than he is about going, but in all fairness, Captain does have a lot more on his platter than I do on my saucer. He is in incredible shape and his strength is undeniably sexy! Every time I go (three times per week/did I mention hardcore because more might kill me, for now) I text him my PR and he does the same for me. At first, I was all girly brained about it, ah can’t we go together? blah blah blah…It’s hard enough with the men trainers pushing me. If he came to the same session, I’d be worried about what he is thinking, I need to work harder, faster, lift more, checking my form etc…this way he encourages and supports me by hearing my results. It is definitely an exciting commonality we can share and support each other in. The results are amazing and the perks even better.

Today, was not such a difficult workout (no feeling of the puks), but the trainer pushed me as the Captain would (made me wonder if they were in cahoots) heavier weights, more reps. While I always leave and later feel the good soreness from an awesome workout, the gracious praises I was given by Captain made it all worth it! He has pride in me and it shows. He tells me how sexy I am and that it makes him happy when I work hard on my body, for me as well as for him.

It was easy in the past to be that slump who made lame excuses why I didn’t take better care of myself. Lack of time, no energy, kid’s demands on my time…yea yea. I went back to school, became sole proprietor of my business and now my time is my own. (excuse slaughtered) I now have more sexual energy than I ever thought imaginable. Having the sexiest Captain wanting and taking me daily, sometimes 2 or even 3 times, keeps me on track. (another excuse death) The third and final son graduates high school tomorrow…(out of excuses).

Thank you to my Captain for pushing me “to discover that the person that I thought I was is no match for the one I really am”. I adore you!


8 thoughts on “My body, my responsibility, my results…

  1. I followed a comment you left for me and was able to get to your blog…I am not blog savvy yet so I was really happy that it worked. I appreciate your openness in your posts. It is nice to about read someone else’s struggles and accomplishments and find a connection. I think that it is great that you are finding ways to improve your body for yourself AND even better finding enjoyment in your captain’s expressions of appreciation. I have enjoyed reading your other posts as well and look forward to following your journey. Thanks for the encouragement on my posts as well, I am finding that it is easier and easier to be myself as I let go of what I thought I should be. Enjoy your day!

  2. This is one of the areas we can show the quickest return for effort expended. In only a month of resistance training anyone can see and feel results. Diets don’t offer that kind of both visual and physical change to an easy discernible degree. If you put the two together you can see some very significant change. You do have to remember to keep the protein intake up if doing resistance training with a diet though.

  3. Oh yes, I have come to see the results by incorporating both a great workout and eating habits. One cannot exist without the other in producing the results I desire. It’s all in the attitude and support too. Thankfully, protein comes in a variety of foods and “forms”! hehe

    • As a women, do you find that with the resistance training and other physical training you are able to eat to the point you don’t feel you are on a diet. I know increased muscle mass bumps up the metabolism and working large muscle masses burns more calories. I was complaining to a trainer friend about a seated leg press machine that had a limited weight stack at a gym I go to. It tops out at about 100#. He told me not to worry about the extended number of reps since I wasn’t looking to get bulky but to use them as calorie burners.

      The orally injected form of protein is probably the most satisfying for all concerned. It comes in a handy convenient dispenser and has key ingredients common to the red pill. It is best taken at room temperature and can be stored in the light. It does have a fair amount of carbohydrates in it. The dose is reasonably sized quantity though and even with the extra calories should present no problem even when taken often and, perhaps, prevent more than a few. I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV, but you may consider that my marital preventive maintenance prescription. Nurse uniform optional. HA! I like your style. A sexually confident wife is a blessing to be treasured. You also recognize getting there may involve some work to repair past bad choices. Keep up the good work.

      • Wow you bring a lot of positive energy. I really appreciate that. In regards to what we were touching on over at CWY’s blog, you said your wife asked about weight training. “That may have been her way of asking me to take charge and I overlooked it.” Without knowing her, I would say that was your invitation to be involved in her fitness endeavors.

        For me, my Captain Sir “asked” me a year ago if I was willing to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Yes, he was referring this time to a fitness program. I had reached a plateau with my current regime and was not seeing results. Sir introduced me to Crossfit, a program in which is core strengthening, first and foremost.

        I agreed, but stalled out in joining until about five months ago. I cannot imagine myself without it today. What I love is the support and encouragement from not only the trainers, but the other athletes as well. It’s like being on a sports team in a sense. In the beginning I needed my Sir’s pushing and to rebuke my “not feeling it today” attitude that sometimes would surface. Now, I look forward to it and when he runs His hands across new bones protruding, or inspects me all over for firmness that winds up with my clothes on the floor, that is the biggest compliment and motivation I could ever want!

      • My son has the P90X program and was doing it last year before his wedding. He stopped shortly after and is chubbing up. I may have to get him in the gym with me. I have a membership in a 24/7/365 place so time is not an issue. They have Cybex machines. If you have ever wondered, it’s just as uncomfortable going in as an out-of-shape guy the first few times. A lot of the older men seem really willing to help out though. It’s short on qualified trainers so I will have to rely on youtube a lot. they do have video lessons you can beam onto a screen in the spinning room, but the gear is in the other room. I guess I could spin as a warm-up and calorie burner while I watch videos. Again, thanks so much for your interest. Encourage Sis too. She has a hard time staying on course with the three girls and home schooling. I like your gravatar too. Looking forward to some of those moments. Not sure about her. I can hope though. More as stimulus than discipline in my case.

      • As for the “diet” aspect, my choice of eating far differently than I ever had was a health decision put forth by my doctor. I wasn’t a “heavy” girl, but I certainly could stand to lose about 30 lbs. It came down to a huge change of attitude for me, food is simply for fuel, that is all. As with anything new in my life, the pendulum had to swing heavy the other way before I found a balance.

        I quit all fast food, preservatives, frozen and the like. I then gave up almost every form of sugar and carbs. Next I restricted myself to only things that grow in the ground, trees etc…such as fruit and veges. I incorporated trail mixes, nuts, dried fruit along with fish, chicken and turkey. I continue to eat this way and am learning to get somewhat creative now and then. I am not one who gets tired of the repetitive menu, but now and again it is nice to try different seasonings and new ways. Hence my cry for help about cooking over on GBG. Those ladies are Godsends!

        (I know you asked about other things over on CWY and I will need you to ask what I may not have addressed. 🙂 One thing you asked was about the red pill…what I know for me is, once swallowed, my life with Sir has been more fulfilling and exciting. I have never had more respect, loyalty and adoration for Him than I do. Being His sub has shown me my true worth and value that comes with following His every lead. Something this true feminine lady has longed for, for a lifetime.

      • There is so much to address here and I have to relinquish the computer to my wife tonight. We have to post to a memory book for our BIL’s funeral tomorrow. I will be back with more later. Thank you for your quick response, observations and advice.

        Feel free to reign in my sense of humor if it creates discomfort for you. I am at the age where I feel the phrase TMI is often someone saying they don’t want to own an issue and are in denial about it in their life. TMI, I don’t want to talk about that. There aren’t too many topics I won’t take a stab at or am unwilling to learn about. I am a knowledge junky.

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