Round and round she goes…


I am following up after the spin cycle from hell these past few days. Last night I checked in with, let’s just call him my spiritual life coach. After a brief conversation about my current B.S.C. bout, he helped me see the light. Let go of the wheel or get dragged.

It was merely five minutes into that phone call that I came to realize just how much I abandoned my own spiritual connections. One of the three sides to my triangle that must stay intact or I find myself sliding head first down that long slippery slope. What’s at the bottom? A place of insanity I never want to live again. AKA~HELL!

So this is the first time Captain has actually witnessed my imbalance and possibly hates it more than I. Well, a close second perhaps, because I can’t even stand to be in my own company when I get like this. The beautiful part is I have the awareness, not without a little help from Sir Wonderful. What follows now is acceptance of it and then take action to do it differently. Like I shared yesterday, Captain’s direct orders were to, “knock that shit off!”

Simply stated and eloquently put by this beautiful, stern soul in my life, I immediately sought out the help I needed. I am grateful to say that, I got myself back to a place of balance that I find through the sharing of experience, strength and hope of others who have walked similar paths. Only then can I truly know that I am not alone on this wondrous journey called life.


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