Walking through the feeling to get to the healing…


He walks through the pain, sometimes feeling lost

Just when he thought it was conquered, suddenly there’s a new cost

I cannot take away the hurt that’s built up for years inside

How beautiful today, as he faces it instead of running somewhere to hide

I’ve walked a similar path, just a little bit farther ahead

Today we are parallel, yet he still finds so much to dread

I assure him he’s safe, in my arms he feels free

Vulnerable at last, a place to just be

Our journey on this earth isn’t meant to travel alone

I pray that through his trials the truth is always shown

Words have little meaning, even when spoken very clear

It’s the actions that show proof to the one who cries in fear

To speak the Word to a non believer who feels so torn apart

It’s difficult to assure him, the Lord is deep within his heart

The pain that is felt from the shifting around

That’s proof that God is working within, He just never makes a sound

No one could tell me, I had to come to believe for myself

I am a soul worth crying for, not to be stuffed upon some shelf

If God brought me to it

He will get me through it

A gift I wish I could convince him of

That he too is worthy of the abundance of love

 mending heart


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