Nice guys finish last…


The nice guy syndrome, a default position

Brought about from a failed childhood condition

Where was that father, the absent leader for his son

Completely unavailable, no wonder the inner child still continues to run

Fend for himself, he learned from the script written in his head

Remain damaged and broken, live a life you’ll soon begin to dread

Question it all, your manhood and belief

Till one day you shudder in hopes for some relief

He hits that brick wall, how the fuck did I get here

As he feels himself tremble, suddenly it’s clear

A transformation is what he needs to save his weary soul

But how and to what, he sets out to make a new goal

As he stares at his reflection, he is sickened by the past

A nice guy before him, an integrated man at last

A solemn vow, never to return

That man is dead as he watches the fire burn

A bitter red pill he did choke down and swallow

The “try harder” method, “you’re not doing enough”

Never will he follow

He has learned to seek approval and knows where it all begins

It’s not out there where it matters, but right here from within

A special snowflake he is, unique down to his very core

No man could measure up to this beautiful, sexy man I absolutely adore!

red pill


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