Dare to be different…

I cannot recall exactly when the world of the red pill was introduced to me, but it was not very long ago. In recent blogs of others, whom I  follow religiously, the discussion has been on ultra high. I am learning so much more with every comment I read. No wonder I have felt for so long, a sense of displacement among the “women” who have been on my path. I wanted to be different from who they are. I am the only one who can choose this action for me.

Not only do I care to be, I dare to be different.

A quote from ~TempestTcup’s blog~ “AWALT but SWABTO” by ~YouSoWould~ “A woman who is striving to be the best possible wife she can be to her husband, in spite of naturally evolved biological traits that make it easier for her not to, can be considered “better” from the man’s point of view.” 

I substituted “wife” for “lady” in my translation for personal reasons because it works just as well for me. The man in my life is a former “Mr. nice guy” that served me up a big platter of red pill sometime last year. He made it clear that the choice to swallow or not swallow, was solely mine. By his calculations, it was sometime earlier this year I managed to get the whole thing down.

Since that time, I have felt more at peace and have a sense of belonging I never thought I would find. My awareness of  the “trolls” and bitter “purple or blue pill” women out there is heightened. Alienation has been the result for a big part of my choice as well. I am in no way complaining about this, but rather making a simple observation. In this respect, sometimes things need to be done for me that I cannot do for myself. Like extricating venomous well-wishers permanently from my world.

This is where I am at the current moment. While I would not sacrifice my happiness by continuing to cultivate those unhealthy relationships, it can be a lonely state. I am thankful to the Captain everyday for not only sharing with me the world in which we both belong, but for encouraging me to start my own blog. Here is where I feel I have found more of the true me that I have been striving to be.

red pill 2


3 thoughts on “Dare to be different…

  1. It is a difficult choice to rid yourself of toxic friends. The Nice Guy in me wants everyone to like me and that means never saying no; especially to an offer of friendship.

    It’s good to hear that you’ve found a place of acceptance to fill the void of those lost relationships.

    • Cleaning house or weeding the garden is never easy, but very necessary today. Once upon a time I was that girl who desperately wanted to say “no” when all that would come out was “yes”. People pleasing at it’s finest. Currently I am reading up on “No More Mr. Nice Guy” by Robert A. Glover, Ph.D. So now I am wondering, what is the girl’s equivalence to this enlightening book?

      • An interesting question. I’m not sure there is a companion type book, or even a companion term for women. The closest I can think of would be the book, “When I Say No I Feel Guilty” by Manuel J. Smith.

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