If I can’t be me in front of you, then who?…


My version…

Dance like nobody’s watching; (but make sure the one you love sees you and you look really hot. He is a man and any sexual gyrations that involves your ass and tits rubbing on him is going to turn him on. Do it with pleasure and he will take the lead)

Love like you’ve never been hurt; (pain is inevitable while suffering is optional, so toughen up, stop blaming your parents for all the wrongs they did you and if you have love in your heart for that certain man, feel it, show and one day, say it! If he is an Alpha through and through, he’s likely waiting on you)

Sing like nobody’s listening; (unless you are making the dogs howl and the cats run the other way, who cares? Music soothes the savage beast. It is where the healing begins and it targets the soul. So sing out loud and just maybe he will join you for the next duet)

Live like it’s heaven on earth; (laugh often, especially at his muses and silliness because he makes you giggly and tingly with his touch. Most importantly, let him take you in his arms and you up full always in all ways possible, anytime he wants. Cum hard and often when he brings you there and be sure he does more than you. Don’t wait for that “special moment” or mood to be just right, If you are truly into your man, (Captain for me) then you are already obedient and submissive so the moment is always, “right now”)

Let yourself go, before you know, you will flow 

and what remains is a beautiful glow

silly choose to just be…


4 thoughts on “If I can’t be me in front of you, then who?…

    • Appreciate the reblog~ complimentary! Enjoying your blog as well. Makes me happy to find others who write on this topic and share experiences, thoughts, hopes, wishes, desires and the like in the D/s world…

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