Time is not a luxury to be taken for granted…

God needs us back

Life is far to precious to waste even a day by giving into regret or suffering. Both are only good for wallowing in. I have but this one life and it can be as hard as I make it or as smooth as I choose. As a lady who has had her share of tragic losses, I have truly embraced the concept of “one day at a time”. Today is all I have to work with and I attempt to live it by giving and receiving love within my valued twenty-four hours. Yesterday’s lessons are today’s progress and tomorrow will take care of itself.

Feelings come and feelings pass, but what I do with them is how my life is affected. Where I may not take things as seriously as most, I also do not take important things lightly. I am learning to go with the flow and find acceptance in the things I cannot change. God has granted me the serenity and gives me His ultimate wisdom. His plan always has been to give and receive love, everything else just gets in His way.

So how, as humans, do we accomplish this goal of living in the here and now? My flesh has wants and desires that can fog up my world when I already know that I am blessed with all that I ever need. When worry starts to look around and regret turns my head to the past, I am reminded to look up where faith is shining down.

I have learned many lessons on this journey called life. They have allowed me to love long, forgive quickly and speak softly. In doing so I have added life to my days, not days to my life. My daily praise to the Lord, “Thank You for another breath and all the blessings You have laid at my feet…”






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