Sir is far away…


the warmth of Your breath on my back

as You drift off to sleep

listening to You gently exhale

my body for You to keep

be still so not to wake You

time frozen for now

soon the plane will whisk You away

relax You say but how

far from home

from everyday strife

(from me)

and from life

Sir how I will miss You

as You ascend into the air

exhausted yet so filled up

from the last hours that we shared

between trips Sir took me

never wanting it to end

so much pleasure and passion

again and again and again…

while You count hours

for Your feet to hit ground

I watch the clock

till Your flight touches down

You assure I will be just fine

for this longer stint apart

You Sir are always right

and deep within my heart

at last to hear Your voice

see a distorted picture view

a breath it did escape me

every minute something new

what feels like an eternity

is really a moment in time

until then I’ll find much to do

to occupy my mind

a test without Your presence

from only the week before

I need to handle things without You

my promise to Sir whom I adore

being His good girl

Sir will reward His Kitty

loyal devoted always true

keep proving myself worthy

firm hand

“Can a Christian be in a D/s relationship?”…

God's love

Personally I cannot help but wonder, why is this a controversial matter when it is a personal direction and yes, a choice, in a true D/s relationship?

If I discuss this openly in a debate forum, it may indicate I honestly care of other people’s opinions. The reality is, the choice belongs solely to my Sir. In actuality, what other people may ultimately judge, that is none of my business. Opinions are not facts, nor are they feelings. Both of which will pass like the wind and change with the times. I do however, applaud those who challenge my thinking and manage to change my mind on other matters of the heart or intellectually. These are opportunities that remind me, I am a human being with an open mind, who allows others to live and let live.

I hadn’t planned on addressing the topic between Christianity and a D/s relationship, but somehow I felt compelled to do so. As I read a few more blogs, I was thrilled when I ran across one posted on “For the love of a Submissive”, a blog that puts D/s relationships in perspective very eloquently for me.

“Dominants are not great because of their technique, but because of their passion, honor and integrity. Submissives are not great because of their obedience, but because of their love, trust and devotion“. “Dominance is an act of setting someone free, and submission is an act of willfully devoting oneself to another”.

The fact that I am in charge of my own blog, I get to share what is on my heart. Because of my Sir showing me the way and wanting the most for me, I will share my thoughts, perhaps masqueraded as an opinion. 😉

I have come to realize, upon my departure of my closest circle of friends, those women’s opinions are projections formed from their own uncomfortable feelings of my choices. This is their polite way of wrapping up judgement in a pretty little package and presenting it in a caring way.

I consider myself to be a Christian lady, a follower of Christ in a way that is conducive to me. God showed me my ways in which I was wrong and allows me to be perfectly myself in His eyes. I have been transformed into a liking that has softened my heart and gentled my soul. He has shown me of my great worth, value and love that I offer. He brought forth His Great Offering (Sir) to which I was able to receive graciously. Only through His eyes, can I see the way in which He chooses to truly bless me.


Through my walk along this path, He brightened my way. The doors that were shackled and the prisoner behind, was finally set free. In the bondage of pain I chose to hide, suffering alone I chose not to let anyone in. To my Sir, I am grateful, He saw through the charade of terror. My hesitation to surrender to His Glory and Goodness. Our friendship we did cultivate and from the ashes, beauty did remain and flourish.

At times we walked separately, when the past still haunted and shredded our hearts. Together the universe created a force that did not keep us apart. The road was long and is still not without bumps, obstacles and trials, but come to fruition it did. Cultivation is a daily process which brings such honor and respect.

Sir and I have discovered some beautiful, deep-rooted seeds within the other. The me that had been longing to be found, who willingly submits with honor, loyalty, love and devotion. Within Sir resided the true man with Dominance and Power that He exudes with passion, honor, integrity and grace. His words, when spoken, are with a strong voice that rarely needs to make a sound for him to be heard.

I trust that I have formed my opinionated thoughts on the original topic that provoked my mind and questioned my own beliefs of Christianity. I do think as a human, whom is made of flesh, my beliefs are not compromised because of our D/s relationship. We are not fulfilling a job here, but rather a way of life. Conceding to one another in such a way that we both are loved and cared for. I feel very blessed to have been led to Sir as He was to me.

I do not question the Ultimate Authority, nor the Offering He has bestowed upon us. I am reminded daily, I have but twenty-four little hours in a day in which to live and that is exactly what I intend to do. Sir blesses me in ways with many precious moments. I continue to string them together as I look up daily and give praise.


Captivated by You…

costa rica

waves in the ocean

lying on warm sand

kitty by Your side

with cocktail in hand

melting into the water

the sun begins to set

with Your slight touch

I instantly become wet

darkness settles all around

Sir’s fingers graze my leg

oh please Captain Sir

I begin to beg

crashing of the water

a mist across my face

looking deep into Your eyes

You bring me to that place

under the bright stars

blanketed in the sky

slowly You enter me

never turning from my eye

warm heat from in between

Your lips dripping down

our bodies intertwined

lying on the ground

stillness fills the air 

time is standing still

lost inside the moment

without a single care

back to our room

we manage to find

heavy breaths still linger

remaining on our minds

at last we stumble in

through the open door

back in Sir’s arms

clothes fall to the floor

 lust begins to show

the night quietly ends

unfolding on the bed

 taking me once again…


her voice, His choice…



She winces, gulping her breath at the twisting of his fingertips. “I love how my girls stand at attention for me, don’t I?” “Yes Sir”, are the only words she utters as she melts from the pleasure of the pain. Pulling her closer, he turns her back towards him, feeling His hard, massive, erect cock against her naked ass, she moans.

The sheer thought of what He is about to do to her, makes her body ache with desiring wonder. She listens intently so not to miss a single order, for if she does, though her voice is heard, His choice of punishment, stern. Obediently she complies, as Sir gives His commands, sub is His for the taking as He leads her onto the bed. Her arms held in His strong hands, gently positioning her to His liking, face down, bare ass in the air. He rubs her body so tenderly, kissing her with such passion, she begs for Him to be inside of her. “When I want to I will, it is up to me, now hush.” “Yes Sir”, is all that is heard.

Suddenly a swat, followed by another, “it is not up to you to ask, is it?” “No Sir, I am sorry”. Her head lowers, eyes close her voice is heard, His choice unwavering. By now she is writhing, yet her emotions are taken over. The power of His seduction arousing her so, that she waited for another. Instead Sir began to plunge His fingers in her wetness. Pleased by what He has brought her to, “oh, my little hole is ready for me, isn’t she?” “Yes Sir, she is. Please, I am wanting you so.” “I know. You are being a very good girl.”

He continued to caress her body inside and out, first another swat and another as he pushes again to check His soaked little kitty. “Ah, you are leaking all down that ass of mine, soaking it for me just as I love it, ready to be filled, isn’t it?” She proclaims in her soft-spoken, obedient filled voice, “yes Sir, I am all yours to take as You please.” He grins sheepishly, hungrily at her, pulling her face close, firmly pressing His mouth down hard on hers, passionately kissing her so she knows He is in control while she begs him for more.

Sir continues to shove His fingers inside of her, rubbing His hard cock on His kitty’s own hard button, tickling her clit. Her voice grew louder this time, revealing to Him, “I need to come Sir, oh please!” “Are you asking me ?” She knows to look into His eyes as she pleads, “yes Sir, please may I come?” “Yes my little slut, you may come, come for me now” he ordered. Her voice quiet once again as she moaned and began to grind her hips against Him, drenching His fingers, pleasing Him as He watched His kitty purr.

“Oh such a good girl. You came hard for me, didn’t you baby?” She could barely speak, but managed a soft, “yes Sir, thank You.” Her words slightly above a whisper, then suddenly, He began thrusting inside of her, deeper, faster, long strokes. Together they watch as they moan in unison in ecstasy, “not yet”, her Sir let His sub know, “that is not the hole I wish to fill. Look at me”, he commands. She draws her eyes up and locks them upon His. He slows Himself, but remains in rhythm as He makes His choice.

Gently, He enters His other hole, kissing her tenderly, relaxing her body to be taken as He chooses. She knows this pleases Him and “makes Him very happy” Sir tells her. Kitty’s voice is silent as she feels Him begin to move in deeper. A flinch tells Sir to “please ease in”, her silence is heard, her body taking Him as He chooses. Farther he goes, His lips soothingly on hers she relaxes more, inviting Him all the way in as the rhythm continues just as moments before.

Their bodies in sync, moving together now, her eyes like glass, dreamy and spent. Her body filling with pleasure. His moans fill the air as He comes long and hard, filling His hole that He has chosen. Her voice nonexistent now as she lays in His arms, satisfied once again to have pleasured the Man, her Sir.

perfect dom

My Captain brought out the real girl in me…

submit to you 2

It is in your seductive smile as you watch me walk away with the order you just gave me, knowing my full submission is how I always want to please you. The rewards I receive when you approach me from the back, pushing my hair to the side, revealing my neck to be kissed up and down. Your hands hold mine tightly behind, not allowing me to move as the layers of clothing fall to the floor. Instantly I melt to the mere touch of your lips, I am yours for the taking in every way.

Sir, you have found a way to smooth my rough edges that would otherwise scar you if scraped against your skin. Thank you for not allowing me to behave poorly and for disciplining me when I am deserving of punishment. For reminding me always, to be that good girl and what will happen if I am remiss. I have longed for your leadership and directions in life. The gentle unveiling from the mask that kept the lady hidden underneath the wounds that almost bound me for a lifetime, are accredited solely to you.

Captain, you have unleashed the girl that has resided deep within my soul. My flesh soothed by your body as only you can do. The passion aroused I never knew possible through the attention you allow. Lifting me high to a standard of my own capabilities. Showing me my true value as a feminine lady who works hard to please and serve you. No longer do I hold back in ways that limit me to settling for less than I am worthy. Because of you Sir, I have learned to give you full respect, to listen, be obedient and not to question you, for you know best.

How I have longed for the commands in your words. Starved for the firm touch of your hands. Thirsted for the fluids that only you fill my body with. To never before have known, my rooted desires and hunger, while meeting your every need anywhere, at any precious moment. You Sir, are the whole man whom completely compliments me from the inside out.

You keep me as I ought to be, following behind

my great leader, domineering, beautiful Master of mine

Your collar I proudly wear, around my neck each and every day

On my knees is where I belong and willingly I stay,

Your submissive who will forever honor and obey


As it should and always will be…

As you sweep the hair away from my eyes, I feel the gentleness of your touch

I look up then give my wanting you gaze, as I take you deep into my throat

 I begin to feel your every twitch, knowing  soon you will be taking so much
bdsm feminine
A deep moan released, the words from your lips,
“baby, what you are doing… fast then slow”
The rest left unspoken, just a firm grasp to my neck
lets me know what you are feeling so…
Master and Lord, my Captain I call Sir, forever obedient to you, respectful and true
My honor is to serve, make you happy for all your days,
to love and adore you, in every possible way
By now you can take it no longer, “get up here” my orders were heard
You spare me no mercy, as my body starts to tingle, from me, there is not a word
Only the pleasure inside, while I moan and scream, it’s almost more than I can stand
Deeper inside, pushing harder with every thrust,
your groans fill the air keeping me down, you must
Pushing on my back, I don’t dare move from under,
with the final explosion I hear, the last roars like thunder
We just lay there spent from some sexy, hardcore fucking
I’m lost in your touch soaked and filled with eyes glassy, all hazed over
Once more you caress me, share half a sexy grin,
it excites me to know,  I’ve pleased you once again