her voice, His choice…



She winces, gulping her breath at the twisting of his fingertips. “I love how my girls stand at attention for me, don’t I?” “Yes Sir”, are the only words she utters as she melts from the pleasure of the pain. Pulling her closer, he turns her back towards him, feeling His hard, massive, erect cock against her naked ass, she moans.

The sheer thought of what He is about to do to her, makes her body ache with desiring wonder. She listens intently so not to miss a single order, for if she does, though her voice is heard, His choice of punishment, stern. Obediently she complies, as Sir gives His commands, sub is His for the taking as He leads her onto the bed. Her arms held in His strong hands, gently positioning her to His liking, face down, bare ass in the air. He rubs her body so tenderly, kissing her with such passion, she begs for Him to be inside of her. “When I want to I will, it is up to me, now hush.” “Yes Sir”, is all that is heard.

Suddenly a swat, followed by another, “it is not up to you to ask, is it?” “No Sir, I am sorry”. Her head lowers, eyes close her voice is heard, His choice unwavering. By now she is writhing, yet her emotions are taken over. The power of His seduction arousing her so, that she waited for another. Instead Sir began to plunge His fingers in her wetness. Pleased by what He has brought her to, “oh, my little hole is ready for me, isn’t she?” “Yes Sir, she is. Please, I am wanting you so.” “I know. You are being a very good girl.”

He continued to caress her body inside and out, first another swat and another as he pushes again to check His soaked little kitty. “Ah, you are leaking all down that ass of mine, soaking it for me just as I love it, ready to be filled, isn’t it?” She proclaims in her soft-spoken, obedient filled voice, “yes Sir, I am all yours to take as You please.” He grins sheepishly, hungrily at her, pulling her face close, firmly pressing His mouth down hard on hers, passionately kissing her so she knows He is in control while she begs him for more.

Sir continues to shove His fingers inside of her, rubbing His hard cock on His kitty’s own hard button, tickling her clit. Her voice grew louder this time, revealing to Him, “I need to come Sir, oh please!” “Are you asking me ?” She knows to look into His eyes as she pleads, “yes Sir, please may I come?” “Yes my little slut, you may come, come for me now” he ordered. Her voice quiet once again as she moaned and began to grind her hips against Him, drenching His fingers, pleasing Him as He watched His kitty purr.

“Oh such a good girl. You came hard for me, didn’t you baby?” She could barely speak, but managed a soft, “yes Sir, thank You.” Her words slightly above a whisper, then suddenly, He began thrusting inside of her, deeper, faster, long strokes. Together they watch as they moan in unison in ecstasy, “not yet”, her Sir let His sub know, “that is not the hole I wish to fill. Look at me”, he commands. She draws her eyes up and locks them upon His. He slows Himself, but remains in rhythm as He makes His choice.

Gently, He enters His other hole, kissing her tenderly, relaxing her body to be taken as He chooses. She knows this pleases Him and “makes Him very happy” Sir tells her. Kitty’s voice is silent as she feels Him begin to move in deeper. A flinch tells Sir to “please ease in”, her silence is heard, her body taking Him as He chooses. Farther he goes, His lips soothingly on hers she relaxes more, inviting Him all the way in as the rhythm continues just as moments before.

Their bodies in sync, moving together now, her eyes like glass, dreamy and spent. Her body filling with pleasure. His moans fill the air as He comes long and hard, filling His hole that He has chosen. Her voice nonexistent now as she lays in His arms, satisfied once again to have pleasured the Man, her Sir.

perfect dom


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