Captivated by You…

costa rica

waves in the ocean

lying on warm sand

kitty by Your side

with cocktail in hand

melting into the water

the sun begins to set

with Your slight touch

I instantly become wet

darkness settles all around

Sir’s fingers graze my leg

oh please Captain Sir

I begin to beg

crashing of the water

a mist across my face

looking deep into Your eyes

You bring me to that place

under the bright stars

blanketed in the sky

slowly You enter me

never turning from my eye

warm heat from in between

Your lips dripping down

our bodies intertwined

lying on the ground

stillness fills the air 

time is standing still

lost inside the moment

without a single care

back to our room

we manage to find

heavy breaths still linger

remaining on our minds

at last we stumble in

through the open door

back in Sir’s arms

clothes fall to the floor

 lust begins to show

the night quietly ends

unfolding on the bed

 taking me once again…



9 thoughts on “Captivated by You…

    • Okay, you stumped me on “UNF”. A case where I will say, “duh” after you clarify for me Sir. Glad you enjoyed my heart felt words for My Sir. Yes, you will find that I do display a high level of comfort in my zone here. True to me is the the only way to be. My Sir accepts nothing less from me either. 😉

      • “Unf” is a erotic literary convention used to express recognition of extreme sexual desire or as a vocal exclamation that is deeply uttered at the moment of optimal sexual physicality. Say what? I.E. Just as that long anticipated, deeply desired insertion reaches that most satisfying depth and dwells there, flesh to flesh, UNF!! you utter. As he stands holding you to his waist, your arms wrapped tightly around his neck, your face buried in the muscles of his shoulder, your legs draped over his arms and as he presses your backside into the wall, your feet spasm and you toes curl and UNF!!! you utter. DUH!?! 😀 Sufficiently explained?

        Looking forward to more UNF literary offerings. By chance did you read “redpillwifery’s” two posts on sexting and role playing?

  1. The “replies” have returned to the far left here as we ran out of room…haha
    hmmm, I am still in the dark with the “UNF” and no “duh” was uttered, more like a, “huh?”. lol However, I appreciate the explanation and love the enthusiasm!

    Yes, I did happen to read both RPW’s posts you mentioned. In fact, Sir sent me the link for the date one months ago. I understood my que and took it from there. My Sir and I often “play” like that when the moments present themselves. My costume box is growing. The most impromptu one happened recently. He had me meet Him at one of our local, regular bars where we have dinner and cocktails. I entered the bar, approached Sir shyly, stood next to Him as He stared seductively into my eyes and asked me to “join him for a drink”. “Are you just here for a drink?” I sat, “I’m not sure yet.” “Oh, are you a local girl?” “I am and I thought I’d stop in for a drink.”

    Yes, the game went on, flirting, touching and deep, hair grabbing kiss. The, not so regular barkeep had seen us together before and kept giving us the “huh?” look. Made it more fun with an audience. It was very arousing and we continued on till we got to our next favorite watering hole. We broke the rhythm only because the next bar was packed and there were other games to be played.

    The evening ending in a very erotic D/s encounter, including discipline for some tequila induced bad girl behavior. An evening worth sharing, but I don’t necessarily post everything. lol Hope you and your wife engage in playfulness too. It is nice to add spice!

    • Give a sudden sharp push with your diaphragm while making the moaning sound “uhh”. Reminiscent of when you are on your knees chest down and he bottoms out against your butt just as you are breathing out. That is what the word unf is all about. It is not an acronym. Are we there now? Or at least wishing we were. HA

      • I suppose. Sometimes clothing can add another dimension to the experience you know. Finding yourself forced down onto your knees on the bed, dress pushed up, panties pulled partially down to your thighs, hands held behind your back, him tugging a handful of your hair and heels still on. Sound interesting even with the clothes?

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