What is found in the bottom of that bottle…


forty-eight hours till You return to me

Sir You’ve been gone far too long

my heart aches and longs to be free

how much tequila is too much

tonight there is not enough

to keep my anxiety at bay and such

You’ve not been able to reach out

fear has me crossed beyond the line

Your kitty can only scream and shout

praying everything is okay

it’s been twenty-four hours since I last heard from You

feels so much longer than a day

I miss You so

I can barely manage these last hours

drowning my sorrows is how I choose to go

stupid and jumbled

these words I divulge

make little sense because they are mumbled

what do I care

Your kitty just needs You

Sir I wanted to share

our bottle of tequila

I can’t see the bottom

only want to see you


10 thoughts on “What is found in the bottom of that bottle…

  1. I notice your post is dated tomorrow already which puts you east of me. Perhaps a Newfie or from Labrador. It’s amazing how may Canadians I also connect with blogging. Glad Sir will be home with you soon. I assume he has dictated a welcoming wardrobe for you, or lack thereof. 😉

    • hmmm I am on the West Coast USA…
      Oh my, I cannot wait for Him to return to me. The internet was down for the last 24 hours and He just logged on a few minutes ago. I had myself crazy. Breathing once again. Wow, you are a smart, intuitive Mister. He absolutely dictated a specific outfit, style wise, and commanded me to go purchase whatever I needed to make that happen. He is truly amazing. I love His attention to detail and absolutely adore Him. I even got a new tattoo just for Him, with His approval of course. It shall be quite the reunion~ ahhhhhh 😉

      • A brand new tattoo
        Approved just for you
        Ink over your pink
        What will he think

        A brand new dress
        Heels that impress
        Dress with a slit
        Up to your kit

        Stockings up high
        Top of the thigh
        Panties there
        Maybe, or bare

        All freshly shorn
        Smooth as newborn
        Or downy soft fur
        Awaits a kiss from Sir

        Heartfelt anticipation
        Breathless elation
        Her obedient soul
        Again under control

        Feeling his protection
        Submitting to direction
        Sir’s sexual selection
        Welcome home erection

        Feel free to delete if you find if displeasing.

  2. Be strong sub sister, it won’t be long now, till your kneeling at his feet, and feeling the warmth of his skin, as he works his magic of his will. I hope the next 24 hours, it the fastest of your life, so that it brings you to his arms in a hurry. Just don’t get kicked out of the hotel for being too noisy! Lol! Hugs SS!💗🐱

    • Thank you SS!! Oh my, Sir’s list of items to bring is exciting in itself. Today brings a collection of tasks to complete so the day will zoom by for certain. Hoping for a good night’s sleep tonight, so to be rested up for His return. It could happen! haha Well, I couldn’t think of a better way to be asked to leave a hotel… ahhhhhhhh XO SS!

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