living, longing, loving intentionally…


love and understanding the main ingredients of the heart

never knowing where our journey is taking us or where to even start

at times it would seem You work harder to resist

than to let it flow like the natural tides but still You must insist

spiritually my soul belongs to The Lord above

my body to You my Sir both essentially filled with love

I am His perfect creation a wondrous gift of pleasure

an offering I surrender to You always to be a treasure

 Your true submissive one an angel of desire

for Your heart body and mind I set Your soul on fire


unsure and frightened to believe love can be real

taking that chance risking it all just to feel

nothing is promised set or secure

life is too uncertain at times to know something is for sure

jump off the bridge with our hands in the air

dive in the warm waters as if we haven’t a care

You catch me when I fall

I melt in Your arms every time You call

we are made for a purpose to be filled

a higher calling to us as more becomes revealed

The Lord has His glorious intentions A plan we cannot always see

His promises never fail He has brought forth to You and me

with Sir my life is graced

honoring me true with every part He has traced

His power mercy and uplifting way

feeling honored and blessed with every passing day

raise me up

Her wounds cut deep, a reflection of her soul…

you may not want to hear this or may not want to say

but God truly is love and He will prove it to you this day

what you may not see perhaps or simply cannot believe

you are a child of His a treasure deserving to receive

God's design

She hides behind her wounds and tears

the pain so deep running from her fears

searching for love desperate to feel

how scarred her insides will they ever heal

her arms show traces of what cuts through her heart

the broken little girl shattered and torn apart

whom can she trust to hold her by the hands

to lead her where she’s safe from all of life’s demands

she’s scared and all alone in a world that seems so cruel

but what she has yet to discover a love that’s honest and true

 lost and walking aimlessly

 God help this child of Yours

she’s only wanting to be set free

filling her with wisdom life and of love

this I pray unto You my Lord in Heaven above


Going through the motions…

Help me Lord

Something has changed and I think it is me

I am not the girl I used to be

once timid and shy

lacking confidence and esteem always afraid to try

invisible I became in a shell I hid inside

the safest place I chose to reside

never feeling a sense of belonging I tried to break free

all I ever wanted was just to be me

choices were a luxury escaping from my life

settling on the things that came no matter what the strife

any power I may have owned was taken without a fight

further disappearing into the darken night

soon to discover it wasn’t others who took my heart

it was my own undoing I gave it freely only to be torn apart

starving for that special affection taking any morsel offered

I’d find myself once again heading in the wrong direction

I gave the desperate need to fill this empty hole

looking back it is becoming clear who broke this wounded soul

a little girl without her daddy simply wanting his protection

couldn’t stand alone again feeling the cutting rejection

losing mom felt the same once more

only this time I would slam the door

with my heart completely shredded how could I believe

that I would ever be worthy of love so deserving to receive

I have grown in strength looking to heaven above

from my Heavenly Father I am filled with love

He has never left abandoned or forsaken

it was I who never leaned on Him until my world was taken

today I pray God please heal the little girl bind up her gaping wound

she never asked for anything more than to feel love please bring it to her soon

as the inside work is being done moved and shifted around

I feel the torment of uncomfortable feelings that God is tearing down

He is lifting me high assuring me now

I will be alright He promises He is showing me how

be patient with Me child is all that I ask

you do the work while I perform the task

through all the emotions the vast array of feelings

the road seems endless to get to the healing

in my life I want peace though daunting and bleak

to be unshackled from my past is all that I seek…

healing grace