living, longing, loving intentionally…


love and understanding the main ingredients of the heart

never knowing where our journey is taking us or where to even start

at times it would seem You work harder to resist

than to let it flow like the natural tides but still You must insist

spiritually my soul belongs to The Lord above

my body to You my Sir both essentially filled with love

I am His perfect creation a wondrous gift of pleasure

an offering I surrender to You always to be a treasure

 Your true submissive one an angel of desire

for Your heart body and mind I set Your soul on fire


unsure and frightened to believe love can be real

taking that chance risking it all just to feel

nothing is promised set or secure

life is too uncertain at times to know something is for sure

jump off the bridge with our hands in the air

dive in the warm waters as if we haven’t a care

You catch me when I fall

I melt in Your arms every time You call

we are made for a purpose to be filled

a higher calling to us as more becomes revealed

The Lord has His glorious intentions A plan we cannot always see

His promises never fail He has brought forth to You and me

with Sir my life is graced

honoring me true with every part He has traced

His power mercy and uplifting way

feeling honored and blessed with every passing day

raise me up


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