be in a commitment or be committed…


Deep in thought about respect, love, honor, loyalty and submission. All of which I have and willingly give to my Sir. The question arises now, do I have these coming back to me. I cannot definitively say anymore as new light is shed upon circumstances beyond my comprehension to hold. Discretion is not a fine tuned practice for anyone and I am not immune to it. So now I ask myself, if I am not being exclusively committed to, should I be committed? This gives me pause, reason to ponder and reevaluate my own boundaries.

I have grown in my love for my Sir. Given full submission to Him and gratefully surrender my mind, body and soul to Him. Upon meeting this beautiful soul just shy of three years ago, I was determined not to let Him near my heart, let alone my body. Sir was (and still is) easy on the eye. Our ability to carry on an easy flowing conversation was very attractive to me. His emotional maturity refreshing along with His natural way of leading. It was only a matter of months before I was in. One morning out to breakfast together, after a guise of seeing His new mantel and wood stove, before I knew it, Sir “took what was His” and has ever since.

Although we were both very vanilla back then, not having the pleasure of voicing our desires in either of our past lives, we slowly began to discover deeper sensual things about the other.  Even then, the submission had begun for me as He was learning to exercise the true Man that resided within and I the sub wanting to explode and surrender to Him.

It wasn’t until earlier this year that Sir introduced a new lifestyle, one toy, one erotic scene, one conversation at a time. At last our kinks, fetishes, mutual desires began to be revealed. Exploration of the other introduced an entire new form of this flourishing relationship we now refer to as D/s.

So I am in conflict with myself, my feelings and mostly my own boundaries of what I am willing to participate in. As a beautiful, willing, young enough sub who strives hard and succeeds most of the time to please her Sir, I am praying for the courage to share my truth, speak from my heart and say out loud to my Sir what He already knows. The fact that I not only need exclusiveness I have to feel secure in this wish that He is capable of honoring it. In order for me to continue our journey together along this path that He paves the way for, I must use my voice.

The struggle remains because the outcome is unknown. What I do know is I have but this one life and I no longer intend to live it in wonder and confusion. I allowed myself to remain in an unhealthy marriage ten years longer than I ought to have when it was clearly sentenced to death long before. Sir had a very similar experience and close to the same length of dreaded time. In actuality, this is the first working, healthy relationship either of us has ever encountered because we are both working on our own “stuff”. We have taken risks in each other, invested more than I ever thought possible. Each worthy of the other. This is in no way to have the feel of or give a sense of an ultimatum. I would never disrespect my Sir in that way. It is the fact merely suggesting that I am aware I must be true to me. He wouldn’t want me any other way.

I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, nor is perfection something I aspire to, but rather living up to the very best of my capabilities is my goal. Sir pushes me hard to achieve these and He sees the positive outcome in the results. He reminds me that it makes Him happy and it pleases Him very much . In turn, those compliments encourage me to work harder whether it be for my career, my body or simply life. The rewards are endless. His care and compassion ignite my soul.

Together we make complete sense.


Sir is everything I never knew I always wanted…

It Is Our Responsibility



The Slave is going to lay on her back , the Slave is going to suck your cock , the Slave is going to do most if not all of the cleaning, cooking, laundry.

You the Dominant are going to spend hours upon hours playing do what you like most and maybe touching on something the Slave enjoys but for the most it is about us.

We change their whole life , the way they talk, sometimes the way they walk, we impose rules that we would never follow ourselves. We give out protocols that must be followed. In some cases we choose their friends, Although Arianna has friends in the lifestyle I pick and choose. Although the last couple of friends have been a bad choice on my part I do make mistakes.

In the lifestyle our world of BDSM I have never met so many fake people in…

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topping from the bottom…

love a submissive

“When the sub begins topping from the bottom, or becoming dominant (small ‘d’) conflict erupts because one loses the trust required for D/s to become or remain functionally correct”. Partial comment from My Sir’s Mynx~

There are times when I find myself doing this and I don’t even realize it until my Sir brings it to my attention. I found myself in this predicament this evening. Sir informed me although I “have been much better”, it has still been happening now and again. As I sit here tonight alone with my thoughts, I am reflecting upon my feelings and recent transactions of such. Drawing a conclusion of the realization that yes, I hold myself in contempt, guilty as accused.

Is it enough to have the awareness of this action? The answer comes back with clarity, no, it is not. So what is the action to take? Change the behavior. Stay mindful of the feeling that washes over me when I know the discomfort of attempting to manage my Leader, my Sir. If I have chosen to be a true submissive, act like it. Embrace it. Don’t reverse and think topping from the bottom will slide by, going unnoticed. There will be unpleasant consequences and I am the one accountable and responsible for them.

Words are just that. Mere babble of desperation to correct  a wrong in order to make it right because it is uncomfortable. That is not sufficient nor does it deserve a pass. It fucks up the boundaries in the relationship that have been established. The respect that my Sir is completely deserving of appears modified and fabricated, when in actuality it is absolutely not. Meager attempts to back paddle and correct bad girl behavior is a high form of disrespect for the wishes and limits set and spoken by my Sir.

I am not sure where this came from or why the spring has been tapped. The holidays play an intricate part. In my world they aren’t all rosy and bright. There is a stigma that looms a little black cloud above. I have so much to be grateful for in my life, but as the days draw near, my expectations seem to rise. I want nothing more than for my Sir to take the sting out of the gloomy days that are lurking ahead, but that is not truly His to take on. My feelings belong to me.

My thoughts are as jumbled as my words here tonight. My healing comes from emptying my head and sharing my heart. I need to catch my breath, realize my position and adjust accordingly to the rightful ways of which life is flowing. A temporary loss of my way and direction.

Thank You for steering me back with Your strong lead and disciplinary tone. I choose to listen closer and follow once again.

his 2

anticipatory joys of life…

howling at the moon

day filled with chores, a  full moon night, muscle relaxers (for back pain of course) cocktails, music to reminisce by, amazing dinner made by 2 (sort of), followed up with an addictive, fun TV series, empty plates, foreplay on the couch, commands of a cleanup, orders to get into bed and hurry up, candle flickering in the bedroom, Sir awaiting His kitty…

you're mine

all a perfect recipe for one sexy, orgasmic night and a sensual morning