love covers all…

“Life’s deepest meaning is not found in accomplishments, but in relationships.” Gary Chapman


When I really think about this statement, I realize that I cultivate relationships in all aspects of my life, all of which leave me feeling accomplished in some form. For this past year, but more accurately put, these last several months, I have dedicated my ways to seeing things through the eyes of others. God has graced me with this importance; that it is far better to understand than to be understood.

In order to continue success in my business, I must network to obtain and sustain clients. In order to fulfill those needs of our clients, I must maintain good working relationships with my subcontractors. In doing so, everyone is satisfied.

While I am at the gym, for my workout to be beneficial, I participate in the playful atmosphere the trainers create. In order for us to get through the workout with correct form and commitment to our personal gains, we support and encourage each other to finish and not fail.

As for my spiritual side, that takes many members of the village to assist in keeping my balance for life. All of whom I keep a deep connection with weekly and some on a daily basis. This is the way I feed my spirit and nurture my soul.

Then there are my personal relationships that are the most vital to my well-being. Those special people who are the closest to me, that keep my heart on a continuum to beat and pump at a healthy pace. These include my three sons, beautiful toddler~aged granddaughter, best friend, life coach and of course, my Sir.  All of whom without their participation in my life and mine in theirs, I would have no purpose on this journey called life.

I praise God daily for letting me see through His eyes that love is the foundation for all relationships to come to fruition. He has provided me with such an abundance of His everlasting love, how can I not share the overflow?

God is love