forgiveness is love…


I am finding no matter how I pray this simple prayer, “Lord, please undo what I have done”, He doesn’t make it go away. Even God, Who is still on the throne, cannot wrong a right. He will however, forgive me and grant me mercy so I can live with the grace to keep on keepin’ on.

The message I hear is, “Child I created you of human flesh. You will always let your brother or sister down here and there, but look for the lesson as you weather the storm.  This is merely a season to endure and I will see you through this too. This is not happening to you, but rather for you”.

I close my eyes as a tear runs down my cheek. With tear-stained eyes, I want to trust in what I believe, have faith in what I cannot see, the courage and strength to accept that I am right where I belong.

Life certainly has bizarre twists in its presence of uncertainty. The unknown is something I once feared, but today I embrace the obstacles and challenges that lurk around every corner. These are the moments I draw closer to You and my trust grows. If I supply the willingness, You will always supply the power. 

As I look out through the windshield of my life, I can almost see the grand design for me as I discover the next miracle that awaits my participation. Maybe tonight I will not pray to The Lord to undo what I have done, but rather ask Him to show me how to do better moving forward.  

Forgiveness is a selfless act that requires nothing more than a heart that has been injected with love. It frees the one from the anger they have shackled their-selves to. If my Heavenly Father can forgive my transgressions and love me anyway, then I know that I am deserving.

lifes too short

2 thoughts on “forgiveness is love…

  1. In my prayers I always ask The Lord for his guidance to see clearly the path he has laid for me, and to give me strength to always stay on his path! Sometimes just having that clear vision, keeps us from having to ask for forgiveness! ;D
    Hope you are doing well sister!

    Hugs, Mynx

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