grammar lessons or is it lessens…

self talk

Words that continue to play in the mind of this broken-spirited girl…

Manipulate; control or influence (a person or situation) cleverly, unfairly, or unscrupulously

Obsolete; effaced by wearing down or away.

Deceive; to mislead by a false appearance or statement; delude

Mislead; to lead or guide wrongly; lead astray.

Delude; to mislead the mind or judgment of; deceive:

Harsh; grim or unpleasantly severe; stern; cruel

Cruel; rigid; stern; strict; unrelentingly severe

Erroneous; straying from what is moral, decent, proper

Crush; to press or squeeze with a force that destroys or deform

Temptation; the fact or state of being tempted, especially to evil


Time to write a new script…

Truth; actuality or actual existence

Integrity; adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Honesty; truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness

Dedicated; wholly committed to something

Trust; a person on whom or thing on which one relies

Sincerity; freedom from deceit, hypocrisy, or duplicity; probity in intention or in communicating; earnestness

Devotion; profound dedication

Affirming; to express agreement with or commitment to; uphold; support

Worthy; having adequate or great merit, character, or value

Esteem; to value, to consider important

Love; a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person


This too shall pass…

6 thoughts on “grammar lessons or is it lessens…

  1. Focus on the bottom list. It sounds like a great list of what you need in your life, what we all need. All positive things. Mentally put the top list in a drawer and close it. 🙂

    • Ohhh trust me I am. The top list is just a reflection of the lies. It will actually be in the ashes of a ceremony I will have soon when I release all the pain from the past that has damaged and wounded me for a lifetime. Time to let it all go and allow the beauty that remains to arise… ❤

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