the fire exit is blocked…

Stuck inside my own polluted mind. Seeking freedom from consuming thoughts stealing my joy, robbing my peace. Again I lay out the escape route, trapped by mistakes that were simple to change, if only, what if I weren’t afraid…of what? Asking, talking, reaping, sowing.

Today I will escape, make a new route, remove the barriers that only I erected inside my mind, dangerous to wander alone. What is the new plan, direction, meaning to this life? Self talk of value, courage, strength and acceptance. I tell my self, do it afraid, the zone is safe.

Risk in love, protection from fear factors, leap of faith, tear it down, build it up, do it anyway, step out, plunge, push forward, look back in small glimpses, don’t stare, wallow not, cherish often, remember graciously, dwell in fruition, grow in knowledge, through it all hold love close.

Insanity the dance, only one partner hears the music, one keeps the beat, change the tempo. My thoughts, my power to cultivate, no one wants to dance alone. Will he cut in once more?

Deserving, worthy, special, important, content, irreplaceable, loving.

exit is clear, get out there, conquer your part of the world, no one’s doing it for you…


One thought on “the fire exit is blocked…

  1. The future is in front of you and you will lose focus on it if you keep looking back. The mistakes of the past only have to be revisited for the lessons they can teach. Once those lessons are learned, there is no longer any reason to dwell on the past. Don’t let fear of the unknown cause you to seek out the unreliable comfort of the known. I expected more from you than “LOVE” as an answer. If love is all you need, get a dog. It will be the epitome of unqualified love. LOVE is the tool you are using to find what you really want and need. Ask yourself this: How will you know when you have found THE love you seek? What will be its defining qualities. Somewhere in those qualities is the one thing you desire above all others. It is the one thing that when missing, you have no peace or contentment. You are not whole without it. Even the unfaltering love of a dog will cannot complete (NOT a Jerry McGuire reference.) you because an animal cannot meet that need. You are seeking out a worldly manifestation or your relationship with Christ. How Christ fills the hole in your heart is the “LOVE” you are seeking. Wait for the man who sees that hole in your heart and wants to fill it to bring joy into your life. Then you will have found THAT “LOVE.”

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