who is she now…

So true
On this quest to live her life
not necessarily an easy task nor free of strife
She’s always been this struggling being desperately trying to break free
not wanting to unveil her broken parts for anyone to see
Foiled her plan has been since He’s pulled back her covers
leaving her naked and vulnerable the truth it now hovers
There she lies exposed somewhat afraid yet relieved to show
her glorious wonders underneath it all as she begins to glow
Denying her relentlessly reduced to agonizing tears
a steady flow soaks her now stored for a lifetime after all these years
Who is this girl so emotional and bursting with love
she is unsure as His arms wrap around her
soothing hands stroking gently from above
Quiet whispering she feels upon her ear
go ahead and cry baby girl I’m right here
Let it all come out there’s so much bottled up inside
once for secret keeping but now where will she hide
You are safe He says in a deep gentle voice
holding her tighter trusting His words the little girl has no other choice
She has before relinquished absolute control but never in this way
her mind goes empty completely in the moment trusting Him more today
takenlilslut:</p><br /><br />
<p>truth.</p><br /><br />
<p>Doms….. We must never forget the amazing gift
Slowly she escapes as one more demon is burned
her inner power stronger as He takes away her fears another lesson learned
No more thinking continue to dissolve from where she got her start
this is where she is now training her to become who she truly is
while healing her broken heart
Toss away the droves of unclaimed tattered masks worn
revealing beautiful eyes a soft sweet smile that once was shattered and torn
Wanting to be the lady her body has grown into
whole loving and with desire
at last she is shining through each day another wound healed
stepping away from the fire
He has discovered a sensual instrument of power pleasure and pain
taking her to a heightened place diluting insecurities
like the sky brings the rain
Wash her clean she is deserving of His comfort and love leaving her fresh
devour her as He so chooses while she lets go of her flesh
The battle rages less inner conflicts dissipate bringing her out to shine
doubt of her capabilities begin to elude her mind
Big deeper breaths understanding how to merely be
once a daunting place quiet when necessary
her voice encouraged setting her doubts free
Through a new pair of enlightened eyes
she’s able to see instead of illusion but reality that doesn’t hold a disguise
While baby still wants to play in fairy tale town
her big girl stands by with their life preserve not letting her drown
Learning to get along acknowledging that they both indeed exist
honoring their own needs to be filled stop trying to resist
Equal time neither needs to receive
only if the moment is right for both but never to deceive
The sighs are a constant relief to have this brought into the light
thanking Him for deeply understanding His patience and training
while they practice to get things right
Awareness it does grow as acceptance creeps in
so grateful knowing this is real
collar the body of the woman but embrace the playful baby within
So true

8 thoughts on “who is she now…

    • Thank you friend. Becoming more free to be me is oh so amazing! I am the one who has kept the shackles on all this time.

      “He” is the Man who has captured my heart and encourages my findings of my deepest part… ❤

      • Is he aware of this blog? Is he the seacoast ball player? (I take notes.) I see the old banner is back. I’m glad. I like it. I should copy and save it just in case.

      • Yes, He is very aware of my blog. 😉 haha I realize you take notes when you comment about posts from long ago. That boggles my mind, but is a compliment too! ((Mr. Seacoast is far in the past and shall remain there)) As for the statue, “they” aren’t going anywhere anymore. They will remain in the present where they belong. ❤

      • I don’t really take all that many “notes”. I just have a good memory for certain kinds of information, not all kinds. I DO, however, keep written notes as to birthdays, anniversaries, spouses, children, pets, and such as they come up in comments or posts. I like to surprise my blog friends with congratulatory mails.

      • Either way it shows interest in other’s and their lives, chaos or fantasies, whatever the case may be.

        I stand in awe of my Man who’s memory is a steel trap. It ranges from a small dialog long ago to a particular item of clothing I wore last week. It is in His attention to detail that astonishes me constantly. If it weren’t for my “suchagirl” brain, I might be able to share in this memory capacity.
        Something to strive for… 😉

  1. This is beautifully complex…and I understand it oh so well……”while baby still wants to play in fairy town”… Have you found the perfect blend of little and woman? Those sides?

    • Thank you and no, not yet, but we are working on the balance. Daddy Sir is far more understanding that both exist within His little and at times are both present, trading off roles. It can get rather complex at times, but they are learning to coexist at last. Whew!

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