my choice, my gift, my submission…

i willingly give to You…

You are my desire, my protector, my leader, my Daddy, my Sir

Your responsibilities exceed my own 

my father may have  planted the seed

You Daddy are the One creating me

reminding always of my need 

because You chose me…

Your direction is where my day starts

it consumes my every move especially my unsure parts

comforted and safe always assuring Your little girl

protected from all things like the oyster hiding its pearl

taking pride in the way You own me i honor solely You Sir

without Whom this kitty would never even purr

Your patience and understanding found a new extent

redefining us in ways that clearly we were meant

Your power i am blessed with training and control

only this special little girl is inspired left feeling whole

Your subtle yet stern looks and codes are secretly mine

to memorize respect and obey but never to define

a direct reflection upon You Sir a mirror image of Who You are

Your little girl depicts a perfect lady to those surrounding from afar

never would i let You down or even want to fail

my highest regard is to serve and follow You down each and every trail

Your teachings are for my highest good for You to cherish and hold

to always take what is Yours my body heart and soul laden in gold


never hold Him back from everything He is and wants to be…

“your beautiful gift of submission” is what allows Him to be His true reality

from the depths of His soul to the kinks of His mind my submissiveness He will find

new definitions training and tools further we travel into a world of new rules

the things He will teach me together we learn exciting excursions with each turn

submit to His every exploration His desire His commands knowing where He stands

 push my limits as He protects me along the way trusting Him more with each passing day

to own me and possess every part understanding who i serve deep within my heart

never letting Him down bringing out His best shows my loyalty beyond all the rest

together we can be playful this is not a game it is a lifestyle we wish to claim

Sir brings it out of me obedient to my core i yearn for His strength as Daddy’s little whore

   out in the world His signals instruct me how to behave until we get home always His little slave

never hold Him back He will lift me high honor and adore me on that i can rely

together we unleash a new level of devotion more we will discover as He pulls back the cover



i wasn’t that hard to find

locked away trapped in my own mind

You came along and opened the door

let me know it’s ok to kneel upon the floor

how i’ve longed for Your touch

and sensual desire i’ve been missing so much

an uncontrollable need to render You pleasure

my body is all Yours to treasure

Your strength in the silence embraced by Your power 

my Sir my love my strong tower

my smile i bring to give warmth to Your heart

my flesh has been Yours right from the start

the tenderness remains Your marks i wear with pride 

ever reminding me of this glorious ride

my ink is only one symbol a string of pearls around my neck 

tell me i am solely His that won’t allow me to forget    


~You serve but only me for whatever I say 

yes Sir of course in every possible way~

i am living in a vanilla world and i am a sub little girl…

because i choose to be, want to be, desire to be…

sub kneeling

his baby girl, His little submissive…

“So, how was your fun weekend away?” “So much fun! i was such a good girl, He told me so, a bunch!” Grinning from ear to ear, my tummy flipped as I thought back over our time away. Remembering how much i pleased Daddy Sir, being His girl He expected and told me He needed me to be. “But he didn’t mean he EXPECTED this and that of you??”  I looked at her with a small grin on my face, not knowing what to say, so I said nothing at all. Here I was finding myself yet again, wondering why I answer a simple question and find judgement on the other side. Biting my tongue numerous times before uttering the words, my Daddy or Sir, forgetting briefly who i am speaking to. What comes so natural to me is required to be censored and i despise that. 

Ah yes, that less than understanding tone coming from a special friend who only wants to see me happy. She sees my glow, my giddy little girl inside exhuming from within, but she can’t relate. i can hear it now, “you did what because He told you to?!” I refrained from sharing once again, holding it in. Being a good little girl is what makes me happy, pleasing and serving my DS as He sees fit. Seeing that warm genuine smile upon His face, knowing that i put it there by being and doing what is expected, means everything to me. It is one of the biggest parts of being a sub that other females just cannot comprehend and that’s ok. 

i have lived that life of a “happy wife makes a happy life”, but that was never accomplished. My control was all that mattered. Pleasing me was what i thought was right. So how come it felt all wrong? i never knew all that was missing. That deep down to be controlled, led, encouraged, held up and protected is what i truly needed and was missing in order for me to submit. Now i am the one who cannot fathom being a controlling wife, a spoiled woman who doesn’t receive discipline and have consequences, or thrive and desire them. 

His constant control and invasion of my mind keeps me in a state of knowing Who i belong to. Every part of me is His, to do with what He pleases, as He chooses always in all ways. 


cum out cum out wherever you are…

How could i have ever known that “yes Sir” is all that i needed or wanted to say in return to a direct order? For a lifetime i railed against authority, especially from men. i know where it stems from and at last i have been set free from those shackles by trading them in for new ones.


Not always visible are my restraints, but i make no mistake Who is in charge and in complete control. my full respect i offer and my submission comes with ease. I asked you a question little girl, you will answer me the first time. Yes Sir. Consequences hurt, but are necessary for training. Approaching me from behind, Daddy’s hand grabs my hair, drop what i am doing as He leads me down the hall. On the bed, now. Yes Sir. On your knees, now. Yes Sir. Good girl, you do not cum until your Daddy tells you to. Yes Sir. Happy, satisfied, pleased, now finish making my lunch baby girl. Yes Sir. 

Carry on with the day. Store number one, then two, Sir, didn’t You forget something at the last store? What’s that? Nevermind. (smirky grin) Do you want me to (correct you) right here in the store? No Sir! Answer Him the first time. Yes Sir. little girl is being a brat and she knew it. 

 to ALL things!

subspace, subdrop and aftercare…

if ever there were a good visual for my subspace, this would be it

DD and I do not have to be in a full on scene setting for me to travel to this amazing place. Recently this has become a common occurrence, my complete submission as always carries me away, leaving my body intact yet my mind floats out into space. This is in no way related to a daydream or a short-term state of ecstasy. It is more like a sense of a deep drug induced sleep that can last for hours and the effects for days. At times, not always, I am vaguely aware of my surroundings. During this out-of-body type of experience, my resistance to anything Daddy is doing is depleted, as if I were to actually have anything of the sort for my DD.

Understanding what is happening to me in this very moment is crucial to caring for me. The first thing He does for me is forces me to drink water before I completely pass out. At times I may feel His hands stroking my body, brushing my hair away from my face or even a gentle kiss on my face, neck, shoulder or back. A slight graze of a blanket to keep me warm even if I had been sweating profusely just a few minutes before. The most important thing Daddy can do for me at this point is to then lay beside me, regardless of my incoherency, sub~consciously somehow I know whether He is there or not. After a brief period of time, I am confident He decides I am safe before He retreats to the other part of the house to do His Daddy things.

Typically hours go by before Daddy comes back and softly nudges me to check on and wake me, knowing that I need nourishment in the form of food now. Reluctantly I begin to move, peeking at Him through the tiny slit of an eye. I manage a satisfied grin and see a warm smile coming back at me. Morning princess, it’s dark o’clock. Hmmm, I offer a small grumble. Still unable to full comprehend or find my voice, He slides in next to me, sharing His approval of our hours before. His adoring affirmations of me and my submissiveness accompanied with tender touches and offerings of water and warmth.

Rarely am I readily able to get up and follow anything in the form of a direction. Daddy is fully understanding of this and tells me to move slowly, but insists on getting food in me. Lately my subspace has been carrying over to the next day. It may take me several more hours to get my bearings. If I push too hard and fast, I feel a subdrop coming on. This is not a good place for me to be. I find I lack functionality and capability for the things I am responsible for. Gratefully Daddy is learning these aspects right along with me.

Taking charge and being the good Daddy Dom to me means taking responsibility for my well-being to ensure I don’t get to this point that can resemble a depressed needy state. Little baby girl comes out seeking and craving attention more during these times. This too shall pass in its own time. After the vital nurturing phase passes or at least lessens, my desire to want to take care of my Daddy takes over and can almost consume me. My submissive ways shine through at a whole new level. I feel rejuvenated by my journey into subspace and it is now my turn to perform the aftercare.

I find pleasure in small ways that I think matter to my Daddy such as making Him a meal, running an errand or just getting prettied up for Him. I absolutely love watching YouTube clips with Him about the things that He loves and finds pleasure in, along with listening to all His ideas for His newly revived passion. To see the light in His eyes and feel the flicker in His soul, sets my heart on fire. Anything that keeps me sitting at His feet, knelt and waiting for His next order to do it all over again is what a good little girl does… 



it’s not solely about fucking…

If it were, then be a hooker, a prostitute, a call girl, a whore or any other clichés I forgot to mention.


Being a submissive, regardless of what title is included (baby, little, sub, slave) there is an abundance of responsibilities that come with this honor. There is far more to it than spreading your legs and doing as you are told. To those who do not have this type of active lifestyle, how can you judge that which you do not understand? 

There is a deeply rooted yearning to completely let go and submit to my DD’s every command and demand. I too get my desires and needs met as a direct result. My rewards are abundant, pleasurable and fulfilling. It becomes a lonely real life world when I cannot openly talk about this with others who do not partake, so I write and read in the blog community where there is a true sense of belonging and understanding.

My entire life I have had to maintain a level of control (illusion in itself) in order to survive. As a young teen, I was forced to grow up rather quickly and not have needs, or at least not let them be known for fear of ridicule. Enter into adulthood and marriage, more of the same. My control issues empowered me to a degree of exhaustion. Behind closed doors there was manipulative sex evolving and then diminishing along with respect for that husband. Is it any wonder I barely knew what an orgasm was let alone mind altering fucking? Letting go in this aspect was never an option and left me extremely unsatisfied.

At last divorce was on the horizon! These legs may have well been bound together, (not in a pleasurable way) never to be put to good use, so I thought. A small handful of opportunities over the course of the next three years, I was still left feeling empty. I had resolved myself to believing this truly is all there is to sex. Meh, I can take it or leave it, but was oh so frustrated. No, toys had not crossed my mind, nor found their way into my life, yet.

Life took some shitty twists and turns over the next two years. By then I had been happily divorced for five years and went on hiatus, so to speak, but by choice. Perhaps this is easier for some women than men, I don’t know, but I was determined to not think about it. I poured my attention into other positive outlets thinking I would get filled up and be just fine.

Exercise was at the top of the list. I am a young enough lady that I knew, or at least hoped in the back of my mind, that I was lying to myself about not “needing” sex and I would one day find that Man who would fuck me like He owned me. Until then, I would work on balancing my triangle. I had established a good daily regimen of exerting energy, attended my spiritual meetings and began an overall quest to change my diet. All of these things were beginning to work as the results started to show and I was feeling better from the inside out. Then one day, in walked this amazing, handsome and yes sexy Man. It’s like when you stop looking for your car keys, suddenly they just appear.



He had this staggering strength about Him, a sensual voice that just melted my mind, alluring me to want to be closer to Him, smell Him, have Him touch me. This man held every door, put my seatbelt on, ordered food for me, handled everything in ways I never knew a Man could. Of course His gentlemanly ways were in the early stages as He too was learning about being that true Alpha, but they have not disappeared either. He wasn’t necessarily comfortable to exert His blooming power over me just yet as He tested these new discovered waters. His attraction to me was apparent. Little by little, increasing over time, He added more of His natural ability to lead in His Dominant ways as I learned to slowly let go in my submissiveness.

Sexual tension overtook us both and soon we were fully involved in experimenting with each other’s bodies. Talking about experiences or lack there of from unwilling previous partners, exploration and introduction of kinks were brought out into the light. For the first time in my life I was learning what it felt like to respect a Man and in return, feel adored, loved, cared for and truly desired for more than just my body.

Each form of this lifestyle is unique and determined by every couple and the level that works for them. I am seeing the common thread between subs that our sole purpose is to serve and give full respect to our Dom in every way possible. I have drawn the conclusion that those who squawk at the mere thought of submitting to their man even in the slightest, are just uncomfortable in completely letting go. I could go on about all the benefits in doing so, from mind-blowing sex to feeling so well taken care of that I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. 

Correction and discipline are all a part of life too. Open communication of DD’s expectations of me keep those fewer these days than ever before, but remain imperative. Of course when it is incorporated into playtime, or scenes, then it becomes erotic. There is no explainable reason other than the end results lead to hours of sensual and hard-core fucking, followed by aftercare and then a long deep sleep necessary once in subspace.


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So ultimately this topic does come back around to sex as it should. Having the ability to truly surrender from the depths of my soul, entrusting my DD to have complete control and the power not to destroy me, is the most satisfying state to be in. The craving and undeniable urge to simply want to do the things expected of me drive me into the best little sub I could possibly be. I float through my days with a continuous low roar, ready for my DD’s direction always in all ways. I do maintain my own responsibilities in a much more efficient way!

I feel the winces coming across the net from those females reading this and the men who are in wonder of how they too can “get” their women to alter themselves into submission. It all begins with the “man” taking control and being the leader he never was. Stop being that “nice guy” and treating your woman like she is a queen. If you lead, she will follow. If she doesn’t, push harder. Deep down she wants you to take charge of her and keep her. I have never felt more like a princess than I do now, a far cry from that queen status I maintained for so long.

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<p>And why is he yelling? The best dominant men I’ve ever know didn’t need to yell.


Give Him everything He could ever want, be all He ever needs. On my knees aching to please while expecting nothing. His good little girl, He gives me everything I could possibly need.