cum out cum out wherever you are…

How could i have ever known that “yes Sir” is all that i needed or wanted to say in return to a direct order? For a lifetime i railed against authority, especially from men. i know where it stems from and at last i have been set free from those shackles by trading them in for new ones.


Not always visible are my restraints, but i make no mistake Who is in charge and in complete control. my full respect i offer and my submission comes with ease. I asked you a question little girl, you will answer me the first time. Yes Sir. Consequences hurt, but are necessary for training. Approaching me from behind, Daddy’s hand grabs my hair, drop what i am doing as He leads me down the hall. On the bed, now. Yes Sir. On your knees, now. Yes Sir. Good girl, you do not cum until your Daddy tells you to. Yes Sir. Happy, satisfied, pleased, now finish making my lunch baby girl. Yes Sir. 

Carry on with the day. Store number one, then two, Sir, didn’t You forget something at the last store? What’s that? Nevermind. (smirky grin) Do you want me to (correct you) right here in the store? No Sir! Answer Him the first time. Yes Sir. little girl is being a brat and she knew it. 

 to ALL things!


4 thoughts on “cum out cum out wherever you are…

  1. I’m glad you have found happiness once again. I hope he values the prize you are and does not abuse the power you have granted him. He should be aware it is not his strength that gives him authority over you, but you granting him the power. You have PLACED YOURSELF under his control and guidance and now he owes you his protection and respect. Without respect, there is no love, only self-indulgent abuse on his part. Do not settle for less this time. “Yes sir” is a term of respect, not one to reward a tyrant with. In the Bible, the Jews were obliged to be benevolent masters to their slaves, not tyrants. You should keep that benevolence as a touchstone in your relationship with your Sir. You may choose how subservient you wish to be on any occasion since you are not a slave, but a submissive. If he doesn’t respect that, he is not a true Sir. There is always a certain amount of role-playing in this type of relationship and it may tip one way or the other as mood and circumstance dictate, but in the end, love is always about love and respecting boundaries you set for yourself and others. Be safe, be healthy, be respected and, most of all, be loved.

    • Thank you for your kind words and encouragemnt. Things are quite different than ever before. Our communication has improved and is moving us along in a much better direction. He is my Daddy Sir and i His baby/little girl/sub with all that entails.

      • “He is my Daddy Sir and i His baby/little girl…” There are many who would read into that description overtones of incestuous desire, especially during times of extremely indulgent AR role play that may border on infantilism.That is not at all what it is about for you. It sounds like you are looking for structure in your life. You have within your personal life structure and discipline through your being a mother, your career choice and athletic pursuits. What was missing was structure in your emotional life. You needed that strong male guidance that was not there in your youth. Now you are seeking it and have found it once more. You have found a Daddy you feel will protect you in a way your father didn’t. You have found a Daddy worthy of your love and devotion and are wanting to share it with him. It has nothing to do with EVER wanting to have sex with your father and many people don’t get that. Your Daddy is not a surrogate sex partner for your father and you are not a surrogate sex partner for a man who had a daughter he sexually desired or is a latent pedophile. He is looking for someone to take care of, someone who will feel dependent on him and worship him. He wants to feel needed and have a purpose in his life and you are part of meeting that need for him which may also be mirrored in is career choice or the way he handles his professional relations. That doesn’t make him a maladjusted bad person. As long as he respects you, and fulfills his accepted and agreed upon responsibilities to you and your needs the relationship will not only work but is healthy in that you will both find emotional stability through earned trust over time. The two or your are adjusting and satisfying your desires through your relationship and that is not such a bad thing. It does require constant vigilance and timely communication when needs are not being addressed. Confronting him about your needs is not rebelling or questioning his authority. When that needs to be done, you both have to stop the role playing of the lifestyle and step into your adult roles and address the issues. You become “honey” and “dear” or whatever for the moment, address the issue that is in conflict with the lifestyle relationship, resolve it and then, and only then end the conversation with “Thank you Daddy Sir,” and “Your welcome and I love you, Baby Girl.” Doing so keeps conflicts resolved and gives the relationship a brief time out in which you both are reminded why you are bonded to one another and that it is only by your mutual consent that that relationship exists and thrives. During those moments, you may want to thank one another for meeting each others emotional and physical needs and God for putting the two of you together.

        @ Daddy Sir. Take very good care of your Baby Girl. She has been hurt and disappointed in the past. Please don’t continue the cycle. We have never met, but she is a very special person and friend to me. You have and unwritten contract between the two of you. I have not doubt she will honor her end of it and show honor to you also. Please do the same for her. Be deserving of that honor she is giving. I have not doubt, she will do the same.

  2. Wow is an understatement here my friend. You’ve articulated your heartfelt concern so deeply! i appreciate it more than you can know, or perhaps you actually do know and is why you wrote them. Daddy Sir and i have recognized a great deal of what needs to be said and when. Our constant communication and ability of, has increased immensely and is our saving grace. So many ghosts and demons have been let out of the closet from this little girl’s past that the grown up lady that now resides, is learning to mourn them and let them go. They no longer serve a purpose. The freedom to just be has increased at a level i never knew possible. i truly AM ok!

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