my choice, my gift, my submission…

i willingly give to You…

You are my desire, my protector, my leader, my Daddy, my Sir

Your responsibilities exceed my own 

my father may have  planted the seed

You Daddy are the One creating me

reminding always of my need 


7 thoughts on “my choice, my gift, my submission…

    • Thank you! i am working hard on “just being” by remaining in the frame of my creation for/by Him. Attempting to understand that my wants are far different than my needs as my submission deepens and His control and direction heightens.

  1. I am working on a series of post about submission which is very much in the nascent stage. It will be about Christian submission as spoken of in Ephesians but I may also touch on D/s, DD/bg at some point, just not sure yet where that will go. I usually start with an idea that changes as the post begins to write itself, so we’ll see. If I do go there, I will be researching you and some of your fellow submissive bloggers in the process if that’s okay. .

    • I have read some of your latest and am relating well to them. I promise to reply soon! Of course it is okay for you to research my lifestyle of submission. I welcome it in hopes others may find a better understanding as well. There is a huge biblical connection with extra added ingredients! 😉

      • When I read I can feel how isolated you women sometimes feel when among others who are not in the life nor sympathetic to it. It seems it is painful at times not being able to share your contentment and happiness with your choice, or suffering negative judgement when you do. I have to admit, I have a difficult time understanding it in more extreme examples. (A funny thing just happened. I mis-fingered the keys and first typed “sextreme” examples. I believe I will coin that word for choices beyond what most people consider normal concerning anything to do with sex. Be watching for it in my writings.) As I was saying, I have a difficult time grasping the concept and understanding that it is NOT role playing for Littles and Baby Girls. I don’t understand how you claim to function as ‘non’s” in the work-a-day world away from the life and then come home to BE a little, bg, or slave. I just had an epiphany I think. Is it that you DO role play, but the work-a-day world is where you ARE role playing? There you play the socially acceptable role of “normal” woman, wife and mother.

      • You are very intuitive Mister Dan, just like my Daddy Sir. It is a rare gift neither of You both are afraid to utilize well. I like to use the word “regular” women in terms of speaking about the vanilla world. You are correct about living amongst them. It can almost feel like pretending to be one them is necessary, but really I don’t do that. I am just careful of my words, never my actions. My sense of awareness has been heightened by “their” behaviors and inabilities to let go of anything let alone everything.

        Living within our lifestyle, which I deem “special”, is how I never knew I always wanted to live, until Daddy Sir and I discovered it. Well, He introduced it and together we have evolved, ever changing and deepening the dynamics. I am ever so grateful to this blog community, a place where I can read and share that makes me feel far less alone and even more wonderful about my life. ❤

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