sisters in submission…

as her tears fall, i feel her sadness from letting Him down

through her humiliation, i feel her shame for failing to succeed

in her sorrow i understand her disappointment within

seeing her punishment upon her skin

i feel her frustration for a lesson she has yet to learn

we stand up to do better and kneel down to prove our commitment

show our honor love and devotion to Him

our hands are empty to show we’ve nothing to hide

we’ve become ready to receive His guidance, His direction, His instruction

our hearts open to reveal how vulnerable we are

our minds are free to receive His words

our bodies His to be owned

submissiveness our most precious gift we offer to Him and Him alone

we are a direct reflection of each other as Daddy and His girl

she is the representative of His creation

He is accredited for her self-confidence

she has exchanged total power control for her trust in Him not to destroy her

she is His foundation of strength while He is her infallible rock

where she may fall short He lifts her up to begin again

His correction is her saving grace to learn and serve Him better

her obedience proves her willingness to Him

He is her Daddy Dominant

she is His little submissive



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