alone is often how this girl does feel

more than a sense of solitude her loneliness to reveal

the dark corners can be so unkind

attempts to shirk the uneasiness of her mind

the perpetual sounds of silence so deafening to her ear

interrupted by her own subdued voice she does hear

concentrating for a moment to feel her deep breath

count back from one hundred slowly in and out feels like death

why the agonizing torture to stand in her own solitude  

uncomfortable things happened not allowing her to seek gratitude

a daunting task embracing the quiet and peaceful stance

when all this girl wants is to share in the dance

the one called life where love is all that matters

her heart overflowing with such an abundance as it flatters

Lord fill up the empty partitions of this girl’s space

shine down upon her Your mercy and grace

let Him be abundantly clear of all He is deserving

this girl is capable of giving a life worth preserving

to honor and respect Him hold it all so tight

alone she prays not to be for even one more night



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