in Daddy’s absence He assures His little girl…

It’s only temporary

it isn’t permanent

It’s only six weeks

it isn’t forever

It’s only going away

it isn’t leaving you

It’s only sad feelings

it isn’t a fact

It’s only the truth

it isn’t a lie

It’s only this little girl’s heart

is isn’t going to die

XO lg


13 thoughts on “in Daddy’s absence He assures His little girl…

    • Thank you friend. This little girl’s ❤ gives way to all her emotions while Daddy's tends to ride on logic, but lg tries to apply His thinking to merge with her own so a compromise between head and heart might be struck. Hmmmm how's it lookin'? 😉

      • Yes, yes, me too. No granny panties, no panties are best and rarely allowed! hehee, but in Daddy’s absence it’s important. ((sigh)) Makes me think of Clay Walker’s song “Fall”. —–>

        That’s what this little girl feels and needs after too much time alone passes. ❤

      • You betcha! This has always been an all time favorite of mine. Simplistically perfect lyrics. Ditto on your sentiments, but meantime, we will be big girls 😉 ((keep talking about it is what helps me))

      • Suchagirl2 and daddysbabygirl69 keep this in mind. When you wear your big girls panties, it may be giving you Daddies some peace of mind that you are capable of taking care of yourself in their absence and they don’t need to worry about you. just about missing you. When they come home, they can then pickup where they left off in taking care of their lg in her lg panties. Wearing those “BIG girl” panties refreshes your perspective and reminds you why you so appreciate and enjoy the pleasure of your “little girl” panties

  1. (the thread wouldn’t let me hit reply, lack of space)

    Dan, thank you for this reminder. You are very right friend. Daddy always needs to know that His lg can and will “handle” things she is supposed to in His presence and His absence. I am guessing the same holds true for D’sbg69 too…

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