about a girl…

who once had a heart of glass

she offered it so freely

emptied it out then filled it up

gently worn but not without class

forever giving it away

since she was a little child

first to her daddy

then any man that would stay

she never knew why

she chased the uncatchable

near starved for affection

her heart bled till it was dry

unbeknownst to her deepest desire

the bottomless craving this girl did possess

she gave of herself

the most precious gift to acquire

You need not work hard for it to obtain

the very core of her being

every ounce of her flesh

though her beauty did remain

the song abound in her ear

give all of yourself

never stop chasing that rainbow

her message perfectly clear

why must the anguish be bestowed upon me

will the lessons never be grasped

destined to repeat them

her struggle to be free

where now does she turn

every corner a stumbling block

waiting for her footing to slip

yet another teacher from which to learn

this time the value is high

the potential loss feels like desertion

when the truth of the matter is

it was merely this heart telling her a lie



4 thoughts on “about a girl…

  1. Wow! .. how very touching.. this rather sums up how I should believe a previous friend of mine must feel.. have I deserted her? .. or have I let go so that she may stand on her own two feet..
    I don’t know that the heart has lied so much as it is saying stand tall.. take those life lessons and gather the strength it can give ..
    .. while I am not one to turn to the spiritual belief displayed in the poster below the heartfelt outpouring I do believe in reaching out for guidance.. however.. that guidance is more often than not right there within our own soul ..

    I thank you for sharing your emotions with us

    • Well, thank you for responding and sharing how you may have a new perspective for your friend. As you gathered, I am a very spiritual soul and do receive my guidance from above. It warms my heart when another can take a piece of my words and implement them to work in their life. Your encouraging words were just that, a boost and I shall take them to this unsteady heart for more healing. Thank you friend 😉

  2. Sorry this had to be written. He will provide a way out. He will not place upon you more than you can bear. It only feels like it now, but you are allowed to feel it all the same. Your feelings are yours and true for now. Stay BIG, girl.

    • Awww Dan, as always, my vessel with wings. ❤ The heavier the lessons, the more I lean into Him for His strength. Funny how that Infinite Wisdom of His works. hmmmm… Peculiar, ellusive things, feelings can be as they come and go, change with the wind.
      always, bg

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