embracing our true selves…

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5 thoughts on “embracing our true selves…

  1. I don’t know if I am missing your posts but it is great to see again young lady.
    I do hope that life is treating you better lately..
    You have a strong heart, soul and mind..
    You also possess the understanding of this life and have learned a few lessons as such. Unfortunately we all meet those who would dabble and pretend. I too have known such a fate .. but we pick ourselves up and lift our heads for we are above those who would lower themselves to states of ugliness.

    I love your poster…
    I have for ages now wished to add ink to myself but always stymied as to what it is I truly want.. it is permanent after all 🙂
    You now have me thinking about it as a possible statement .. possibly along my arm.

    regardless.. if only more would truly take such understanding to heart.
    My wishes and prayers that you are happier than last shared with.

    as always .. your friend

    • OG~being deemed an “old soul” some years ago, i took offense, but today i understand what that person meant. i have been blessed with a deeper understanding than most and because of that, i possess a great deal of compassion, tolerance, kindness and a higher ability to grant pardons. Who am i to judge another on their choices when the consequences are not mine to bear.

      Time nor words have allowed this girl to feel a creative juice for writing from the heart lately. Lord knows it is in there waiting to be revealed, just not yet.

      Glad you are still with me Sir…thank you 😉

  2. Dear suchagirl2

    I haven’t seen any new post notifications come from you.. I do hope you are alright and keeping your chin up girl.

    Sometimes as we walk along we forget we have friends as the bushes we pass hide them but momentarily ..
    Those shadows you see from the corner of your eyes.. they be not always that which is to be feared.. for we walk alongside you on our paths.. occasionally hid from view . but beside you just the same.

    A quick note to let this friend know how you are faring would be rather nice .. if you so see fit.

    your friend


    • Mr. O.G. i thank you for your warm concern and interest in this girl’s world here. Tonight i spent a few hours with a close friend, whom i consider a brother because he is in The Lord’s eyes too, and he said some things similar to you. Really he wanted to remind me that he is here as well, anytime i need him. It truly takes a village, no matter our age, to walk through this journey to the final destination. Lately i am finding it compelling and exciting, intriguing and sheer delight because getting into acceptance of self leads this girl there.

      Recently it was pointed out that i have a way of not saying anything too direct when sharing, leaving the listener, or in this case the reader, to wonder what i am referring to. i am ok with being vague and discreet. It keeps the mystery intact, but also my thinking on track.

      i always welcome your kind words of support and caring.

      Thank you my friend… “the girl”

      stay tuned, more to come sooner than later i hope… 😉

      • Dear suchagirl .. Indeed you are “the girl” .. it is such that makes you..

        It is music to hear that you are enjoying your discovery of self… as the road to such is not without misted moments so too our thoughts and understanding .. yet we walk forward, for to stand still and wait for the veil to lift only leaves us shrouded in a dampness that can weaken our spirit of discovery…

        I am glad that you were able to enjoy an evening of support and guidance.. I dare to say that he walked away refreshed in the giving as you were in the receiving.. that is how any ‘village’ survives..

        It is also your realization of where you are on your journey that truly gladdens the heart.. having the ability to understand more than many, possess greater compassion, tolerance and kindness, is what enables you to lift your chin up and smile within at your growth…

        I believe, however, that there is no actual final destination .. as with the growth of our universe we never cease .. to arrive at a destination might seem like a fulfillment of its own yet the real fulfillment comes is the knowledge we impart to others.. the perpetual fountain of youth.. always feeding upon and giving feed to others..

        I count it a blessing of its own right to be able to walk along this journey .. to look across the way and witness your becoming.. to watch “the girl” and she skips along in wonder of the world that surrounds her.

        So good it is to hear from you once again.. be it words of melancholy and/or rejoicing..

        Be well young lady 🙂

        Your friend..
        that Old Goat 😉

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