A brief intro on how I landed here…

The introduction to the “red pill” by the Captain in my life was, at the very least, easy to swallow. I’ll admit I did not quite understand the concept of which he was suggesting, but I was intrigued. After a short time of reading, I realized I had swallowed the little pill called red many months prior and never knew it.

It was a subtle transition from a once stubborn, controlling female to an obedient, submissive lady. She had been in there all along, stymied by a beta (barf) ex husband. It took the powerful Alpha Captain to pull her out from the depths of her soul.

Today I am in touch with my true sexual being that is at a nonstop purr for him. He challenges me to reach my highest potential in our fitness program we both work to keep up on our game. I have learned to follow his strong lead, even though he reminds me I do have a voice, he has the final word. I would not have it any other way…

5 thoughts on “A brief intro on how I landed here…

  1. I stumbled on this while searching her blog. I saw nothing but you in it.
    I was just going to send the photo when I saw it first but then read the message. It’s YOU all over.

      • Thank you! I saw something come through via email recently that had similar words to this link. Perhaps it WAS the same. We know how busy that God is!!

        I share her sentiments fully. I write for me and me alone, otherwise the “crazies” will take over my thoughts and I eat pavement, or worse! 😉

        Maybe moving to a secluded island for a period so I can spend more time with the One true Source, write and write some more as well as read till my heart’s content. Sounds good in theory~ hmmmm…

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