Captivated by You…

costa rica

waves in the ocean

lying on warm sand

kitty by Your side

with cocktail in hand

melting into the water

the sun begins to set

with Your slight touch

I instantly become wet

darkness settles all around

Sir’s fingers graze my leg

oh please Captain Sir

I begin to beg

crashing of the water

a mist across my face

looking deep into Your eyes

You bring me to that place

under the bright stars

blanketed in the sky

slowly You enter me

never turning from my eye

warm heat from in between

Your lips dripping down

our bodies intertwined

lying on the ground

stillness fills the air 

time is standing still

lost inside the moment

without a single care

back to our room

we manage to find

heavy breaths still linger

remaining on our minds

at last we stumble in

through the open door

back in Sir’s arms

clothes fall to the floor

 lust begins to show

the night quietly ends

unfolding on the bed

 taking me once again…


My Captain brought out the real girl in me…

submit to you 2

It is in your seductive smile as you watch me walk away with the order you just gave me, knowing my full submission is how I always want to please you. The rewards I receive when you approach me from the back, pushing my hair to the side, revealing my neck to be kissed up and down. Your hands hold mine tightly behind, not allowing me to move as the layers of clothing fall to the floor. Instantly I melt to the mere touch of your lips, I am yours for the taking in every way.

Sir, you have found a way to smooth my rough edges that would otherwise scar you if scraped against your skin. Thank you for not allowing me to behave poorly and for disciplining me when I am deserving of punishment. For reminding me always, to be that good girl and what will happen if I am remiss. I have longed for your leadership and directions in life. The gentle unveiling from the mask that kept the lady hidden underneath the wounds that almost bound me for a lifetime, are accredited solely to you.

Captain, you have unleashed the girl that has resided deep within my soul. My flesh soothed by your body as only you can do. The passion aroused I never knew possible through the attention you allow. Lifting me high to a standard of my own capabilities. Showing me my true value as a feminine lady who works hard to please and serve you. No longer do I hold back in ways that limit me to settling for less than I am worthy. Because of you Sir, I have learned to give you full respect, to listen, be obedient and not to question you, for you know best.

How I have longed for the commands in your words. Starved for the firm touch of your hands. Thirsted for the fluids that only you fill my body with. To never before have known, my rooted desires and hunger, while meeting your every need anywhere, at any precious moment. You Sir, are the whole man whom completely compliments me from the inside out.

You keep me as I ought to be, following behind

my great leader, domineering, beautiful Master of mine

Your collar I proudly wear, around my neck each and every day

On my knees is where I belong and willingly I stay,

Your submissive who will forever honor and obey


As it should and always will be…

As you sweep the hair away from my eyes, I feel the gentleness of your touch

I look up then give my wanting you gaze, as I take you deep into my throat

 I begin to feel your every twitch, knowing  soon you will be taking so much
bdsm feminine
A deep moan released, the words from your lips,
“baby, what you are doing… fast then slow”
The rest left unspoken, just a firm grasp to my neck
lets me know what you are feeling so…
Master and Lord, my Captain I call Sir, forever obedient to you, respectful and true
My honor is to serve, make you happy for all your days,
to love and adore you, in every possible way
By now you can take it no longer, “get up here” my orders were heard
You spare me no mercy, as my body starts to tingle, from me, there is not a word
Only the pleasure inside, while I moan and scream, it’s almost more than I can stand
Deeper inside, pushing harder with every thrust,
your groans fill the air keeping me down, you must
Pushing on my back, I don’t dare move from under,
with the final explosion I hear, the last roars like thunder
We just lay there spent from some sexy, hardcore fucking
I’m lost in your touch soaked and filled with eyes glassy, all hazed over
Once more you caress me, share half a sexy grin,
it excites me to know,  I’ve pleased you once again

Nice guys finish last…


The nice guy syndrome, a default position

Brought about from a failed childhood condition

Where was that father, the absent leader for his son

Completely unavailable, no wonder the inner child still continues to run

Fend for himself, he learned from the script written in his head

Remain damaged and broken, live a life you’ll soon begin to dread

Question it all, your manhood and belief

Till one day you shudder in hopes for some relief

He hits that brick wall, how the fuck did I get here

As he feels himself tremble, suddenly it’s clear

A transformation is what he needs to save his weary soul

But how and to what, he sets out to make a new goal

As he stares at his reflection, he is sickened by the past

A nice guy before him, an integrated man at last

A solemn vow, never to return

That man is dead as he watches the fire burn

A bitter red pill he did choke down and swallow

The “try harder” method, “you’re not doing enough”

Never will he follow

He has learned to seek approval and knows where it all begins

It’s not out there where it matters, but right here from within

A special snowflake he is, unique down to his very core

No man could measure up to this beautiful, sexy man I absolutely adore!

red pill

On the lighter, celebratory side…

birthday candles 

Happy Birthday My Captain~

Birthdays come and birthdays go, it’s the memories that are created in the accompaniment as they arrive. When I was little my birthday meant presents, best friends, cake and more presents. Why was that the highlight of this one day of the year? My mom made every birthday special because it reminded her how much she loved me on the day I was born. Wow, at 19 as she was, for a young lady to be able to give that much to a tiny little person is amazing. I never once didn’t think or feel that my mom didn’t love me.

Tomorrow is Captain’s birthday, a big one in his eyes. I tell him he is ## years young, sexier than ever and a beautiful sight to see. Last year at this time he was walking through some painful stuff and that memory is somewhat overlapping into this year. Try as I may to distract him and create new wonderful memories for him, he said, “next year will be better”. While I respect that and give him what he needs, I will carry on, act as if and celebrate as best I know how to make him feel like the most special man in the universe. After all, he is to me.

A month or so back, he was making yet another fabulous dinner and he casually mentioned something he’d like in the kitchen. I took a mental note and it arrived in the mail the other day. Then a few weeks ago, he shared an old photo that he had intended to frame for years now. In a competitive man’s world, such as he lives in, this photo is the equivalence to a girl in her wedding gown. Another mental note and  sneaking it out of the house, it is now professionally and beautifully framed. Both stashed in the house awaiting the perfect moment to reveal the wrapped gifts for him to unveil.

I finally understand the receiving truly is in the giving as the anticipation mounts. I cannot wait to see his handsome face when I present him with his gifts that I am taking such pride in with my originality. I shared what I did with a friend and the reaction was, how awesome that I really listened and acted on what will mean so much to him.

A birthday is supposed to be so special because it is the day you graced the world and blessed your parents by simply being born. It saddens me for those who would just as soon let it be merely another day because they didn’t have the mom I did.

baby boy angel Your existence is precious…