What is found in the bottom of that bottle…


forty-eight hours till You return to me

Sir You’ve been gone far too long

my heart aches and longs to be free

how much tequila is too much

tonight there is not enough

to keep my anxiety at bay and such

You’ve not been able to reach out

fear has me crossed beyond the line

Your kitty can only scream and shout

praying everything is okay

it’s been twenty-four hours since I last heard from You

feels so much longer than a day

I miss You so

I can barely manage these last hours

drowning my sorrows is how I choose to go

stupid and jumbled

these words I divulge

make little sense because they are mumbled

what do I care

Your kitty just needs You

Sir I wanted to share

our bottle of tequila

I can’t see the bottom

only want to see you



Sir is far away…


the warmth of Your breath on my back

as You drift off to sleep

listening to You gently exhale

my body for You to keep

be still so not to wake You

time frozen for now

soon the plane will whisk You away

relax You say but how

far from home

from everyday strife

(from me)

and from life

Sir how I will miss You

as You ascend into the air

exhausted yet so filled up

from the last hours that we shared

between trips Sir took me

never wanting it to end

so much pleasure and passion

again and again and again…

while You count hours

for Your feet to hit ground

I watch the clock

till Your flight touches down

You assure I will be just fine

for this longer stint apart

You Sir are always right

and deep within my heart

at last to hear Your voice

see a distorted picture view

a breath it did escape me

every minute something new

what feels like an eternity

is really a moment in time

until then I’ll find much to do

to occupy my mind

a test without Your presence

from only the week before

I need to handle things without You

my promise to Sir whom I adore

being His good girl

Sir will reward His Kitty

loyal devoted always true

keep proving myself worthy

firm hand