it ponders in awe of You…

Master's slave

What is it about You that makes this body ache? 

The way You watch its every move Yours completely to take

How do You keep it in a constant state of lust?

Showing it in multiple ways The Man that it can trust

When did it start to feel safe as it never has before?

The moment You took possession and claimed it Your little whore

Where it often wonders the next place You will bring us to?

Then it remembers its place and to have faith in all You do

Who it is with You is all it needs to know

Master’s little slave continuing to grow  

This heart is overflowing its body craves You through its days

To honor please serve and love You submissively in all ways


It Is Our Responsibility



The Slave is going to lay on her back , the Slave is going to suck your cock , the Slave is going to do most if not all of the cleaning, cooking, laundry.

You the Dominant are going to spend hours upon hours playing do what you like most and maybe touching on something the Slave enjoys but for the most it is about us.

We change their whole life , the way they talk, sometimes the way they walk, we impose rules that we would never follow ourselves. We give out protocols that must be followed. In some cases we choose their friends, Although Arianna has friends in the lifestyle I pick and choose. Although the last couple of friends have been a bad choice on my part I do make mistakes.

In the lifestyle our world of BDSM I have never met so many fake people in…

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with God, all things are possible…


He waited patiently for my cooperation~

             Growing Up As I Learn To Do It Different~

          Sometimes when I choose, I later find

  Maybe I settled, for what I couldn’t picture in my mind

Each day I go on,

pretending and ignoring what’s really inside

My life keeps me busy denial keeps me safe

in a secret place to hide

One day a simple glimpse in the mirror

Not recognizing the image that I see

Twenty years has gone by filled with memories

Yet still something feels empty maybe it’s me

I begin to reflect and wonder what if

I know about regret or so I’ve been told

It’s only good for wallowing just not to hold

So why this hole as I stand here and stare

It begins to grow becoming uncomfortable to me

I can’t ignore it very much longer of this I am aware

So much to consider while I take a long look

Can I really do things different

am I allowed to make a change

If things truly aren’t working it’s time to rearrange

Others always came first for all these past years

I’ve learned some things are worth crying over

I won’t waste any more precious tears

With courage and faith I choose to move on

Through love, support and wisdom

I will continue to grow strong…