Again with this annoyance…

definition of PMS

Weren’t you just here last month???

I thought I would Google “PMS” images this fine morning. I came across this one that took the BSC out of my head simply because of the extremes I can be inflicted with. Lately, since I upped my fitness program to a higher intensity, I must say I have less symptoms of the dreaded shark week. However, the sensitivity part is in full swing.

I emailed the Captain both of these images along with a personal message asking if my temperament is good with him though? I am nervously awaiting his response. That sensitivity button is pushed and stuck in the on position with no end in sight. That’s just my reality for the moment.

As my grandma and likely her mother so eloquently deemed it, “the curse” I have always been able to relate to that term.

‘Curse’-defined: noun ‘A solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something’ hmmm what a horrific analogy.

Another beautiful activity I know diminishes most of the potential core symptoms is, multiple O’s during a lot of great sex. Gratefully, the Captain is more aware of my up and coming shark week than I and is only happy to oblige. That is, provided the ratio stays in his favor. (by my insistence) I know I have shared on this topic recently, but can I help it if it tends to come back around the mountain like clock work? ugh~

When I read this one I honestly did not see the ‘n’ in men. Subliminal perhaps?

(obviously created by a hard-core PMS~ing feminist)

It ought to read “P.M.S. PUNISH ME SEVERELY”

even better!

Rant over…till next month. Until then, happy shark hunting!


The beginnings for such a girl…


This has been a long time coming. Years ago, I was encouraged by many of my “girl” friends to start a blog. Yes, they like the style of which I write, but the content they don’t quite understand. Then one day the Captain of my life introduced me to “the red pill” concept (which is how I had been living without knowing it) and I knew I had found the place to share my deepest thoughts, as well as experiences that hopefully will encourage other girls to be who they were created to truly be, such a girl.

My intentions here are obviously starting out soft, but after a time I will share deep thoughts, from my opinions to real stories. I have little hesitations or reservations when it comes to talking about sex, relationships and oh yes, I use all the naughty words. Of course, some things will have to be left to the reader’s imagination. I can’t reveal all my dirty little secrets. Those I save for the Captain, between the sheets, or wherever he may take me.

Overall,  I have joined the ranks of the red pill swallow~ers and am finding my life to be satisfying and living the way I was created to live. The word is submissive, a verb that was nearly abolished by feminists alone. In my future writings, my annoyance of the “F” followers will shine through. This is not to offend “them”, but the way I see it, if you are reading this and take offence, then there must be some truth to it.

I must say, I am not certain where this will land out there in cyberspace, I can only hope it will. I am writing for me, however, if another’s eyes happen to glance it over, that will make it all the better. I shall close this one now and just see what happens.