a burden or a little girl in training…

the best one to bear…

It occurred to this little girl today, after a much deserved, constructive conversation with her Daddy, that a portion of her self discovery was uncovered this morning when she felt how much she dislikes being a burden upon another, especially her DD. As this girl sits reflecting upon the events of the morning that led to this difficult reprimand of words, she is realizing how deep these feelings for lack of trust run for her. 

This girl can sit on her pity pot and blame the arrogant, unavailable step father who made her to feel as a child that she was always in the way. That her existence didn’t matter and even less, her feelings, words, worries or concerns along with any successes, triumphs or victories she accomplished. She could, but what good could come of feeling sorry for herself? It is no wonder that when this little girl who is residing within, whom her Daddy Dom nurtures and embraces, can become irritated and perplexed with this little girl’s certain behaviors?

We are a work in progress in our semi-newly, reestablished dynamic that once upon a time was strictly D/s without “sub”titles. When these instances arise as “issues”, this little girl can become frightened as she once did long ago, that her Daddy will shun her as well. This girl is starting to learn that her Daddy is safe and not to be feared as the evil stepfather was. Daddy truly cares about His little girl and wants to understand her and the why’s for this and that, but the answers don’t come by Him easily, nor do they for this little girl. Confusion can cloud her bad decisions in these crucial moments where the big girl needs to be more present. This can be the most challenging of times. 

Communication is of the utmost importance to Daddy as well it ought to be, for without proper practice and utilization of these imperative skills, He is left with frustration. The results also lead this girl to severe consequences that can be very difficult to receive. Worse than any punishment is Daddy’s being quiet while He processes things which ultimately puts this little girl in a lengthy time out. 

There are so very many parts to living a D/s lifestyle, no matter the “sub”titles within, little girls must contend with so very much, but our Daddy’s have quite the burdens and responsibilities to carry. It is this little girl’s desire to pay closer attention to His and to stop contributing to them, but instead to alleviate the ones she can while refraining from unjustifiably creating new ones. 

This post has become somewhat of a declaration and promise to my Daddy. This little girl will work harder on her communication skills by fearing less, trusting more and understanding that her Daddy is her safety zone. He is the One who lifts her up to be the best girl she can possibly be because He believes in her!

                       Thank You my glorious wonderful Daddy… XO

one big mistake can cause a back up…

it is not something i ever forget

 for if i do it is the highest infraction with the largest penalty

“Daddy may i cum”? essentially a simple request each and every time

“So what happened little girl”?

They were one on top of the other

like a loose cannon, one escaped without permission

“noooo, i’m sorry Daddy…i didn’t mean to…”

“too late baby girl”

in the toy box for safe keeping until you earn it back 


until then…

Daddy has allowed me opportunities and i am committed to succeeding

meanwhile this…

do you understand little girl…

Consistency is key, for without it i am easily confused,

“but why am i being punished for it this time when last time Daddy…”? 

“That’s on me baby girl, but I cannot reward this behavior.

Do you understand”?

“yes, Sir…”

Daddy has a lot of responsibilities and He’s not always perfect,

but this is…

because You chose me…

Your direction is where my day starts

it consumes my every move especially my unsure parts

comforted and safe always assuring Your little girl

protected from all things like the oyster hiding its pearl

taking pride in the way You own me i honor solely You Sir

without Whom this kitty would never even purr

Your patience and understanding found a new extent

redefining us in ways that clearly we were meant

Your power i am blessed with training and control

only this special little girl is inspired left feeling whole

Your subtle yet stern looks and codes are secretly mine

to memorize respect and obey but never to define

a direct reflection upon You Sir a mirror image of Who You are

Your little girl depicts a perfect lady to those surrounding from afar

never would i let You down or even want to fail

my highest regard is to serve and follow You down each and every trail

Your teachings are for my highest good for You to cherish and hold

to always take what is Yours my body heart and soul laden in gold


cum out cum out wherever you are…

How could i have ever known that “yes Sir” is all that i needed or wanted to say in return to a direct order? For a lifetime i railed against authority, especially from men. i know where it stems from and at last i have been set free from those shackles by trading them in for new ones.


Not always visible are my restraints, but i make no mistake Who is in charge and in complete control. my full respect i offer and my submission comes with ease. I asked you a question little girl, you will answer me the first time. Yes Sir. Consequences hurt, but are necessary for training. Approaching me from behind, Daddy’s hand grabs my hair, drop what i am doing as He leads me down the hall. On the bed, now. Yes Sir. On your knees, now. Yes Sir. Good girl, you do not cum until your Daddy tells you to. Yes Sir. Happy, satisfied, pleased, now finish making my lunch baby girl. Yes Sir. 

Carry on with the day. Store number one, then two, Sir, didn’t You forget something at the last store? What’s that? Nevermind. (smirky grin) Do you want me to (correct you) right here in the store? No Sir! Answer Him the first time. Yes Sir. little girl is being a brat and she knew it. 

 to ALL things!

her voice, His choice…



She winces, gulping her breath at the twisting of his fingertips. “I love how my girls stand at attention for me, don’t I?” “Yes Sir”, are the only words she utters as she melts from the pleasure of the pain. Pulling her closer, he turns her back towards him, feeling His hard, massive, erect cock against her naked ass, she moans.

The sheer thought of what He is about to do to her, makes her body ache with desiring wonder. She listens intently so not to miss a single order, for if she does, though her voice is heard, His choice of punishment, stern. Obediently she complies, as Sir gives His commands, sub is His for the taking as He leads her onto the bed. Her arms held in His strong hands, gently positioning her to His liking, face down, bare ass in the air. He rubs her body so tenderly, kissing her with such passion, she begs for Him to be inside of her. “When I want to I will, it is up to me, now hush.” “Yes Sir”, is all that is heard.

Suddenly a swat, followed by another, “it is not up to you to ask, is it?” “No Sir, I am sorry”. Her head lowers, eyes close her voice is heard, His choice unwavering. By now she is writhing, yet her emotions are taken over. The power of His seduction arousing her so, that she waited for another. Instead Sir began to plunge His fingers in her wetness. Pleased by what He has brought her to, “oh, my little hole is ready for me, isn’t she?” “Yes Sir, she is. Please, I am wanting you so.” “I know. You are being a very good girl.”

He continued to caress her body inside and out, first another swat and another as he pushes again to check His soaked little kitty. “Ah, you are leaking all down that ass of mine, soaking it for me just as I love it, ready to be filled, isn’t it?” She proclaims in her soft-spoken, obedient filled voice, “yes Sir, I am all yours to take as You please.” He grins sheepishly, hungrily at her, pulling her face close, firmly pressing His mouth down hard on hers, passionately kissing her so she knows He is in control while she begs him for more.

Sir continues to shove His fingers inside of her, rubbing His hard cock on His kitty’s own hard button, tickling her clit. Her voice grew louder this time, revealing to Him, “I need to come Sir, oh please!” “Are you asking me ?” She knows to look into His eyes as she pleads, “yes Sir, please may I come?” “Yes my little slut, you may come, come for me now” he ordered. Her voice quiet once again as she moaned and began to grind her hips against Him, drenching His fingers, pleasing Him as He watched His kitty purr.

“Oh such a good girl. You came hard for me, didn’t you baby?” She could barely speak, but managed a soft, “yes Sir, thank You.” Her words slightly above a whisper, then suddenly, He began thrusting inside of her, deeper, faster, long strokes. Together they watch as they moan in unison in ecstasy, “not yet”, her Sir let His sub know, “that is not the hole I wish to fill. Look at me”, he commands. She draws her eyes up and locks them upon His. He slows Himself, but remains in rhythm as He makes His choice.

Gently, He enters His other hole, kissing her tenderly, relaxing her body to be taken as He chooses. She knows this pleases Him and “makes Him very happy” Sir tells her. Kitty’s voice is silent as she feels Him begin to move in deeper. A flinch tells Sir to “please ease in”, her silence is heard, her body taking Him as He chooses. Farther he goes, His lips soothingly on hers she relaxes more, inviting Him all the way in as the rhythm continues just as moments before.

Their bodies in sync, moving together now, her eyes like glass, dreamy and spent. Her body filling with pleasure. His moans fill the air as He comes long and hard, filling His hole that He has chosen. Her voice nonexistent now as she lays in His arms, satisfied once again to have pleasured the Man, her Sir.

perfect dom