one big mistake can cause a back up…

it is not something i ever forget

 for if i do it is the highest infraction with the largest penalty

“Daddy may i cum”? essentially a simple request each and every time

“So what happened little girl”?

They were one on top of the other

like a loose cannon, one escaped without permission

“noooo, i’m sorry Daddy…i didn’t mean to…”

“too late baby girl”

in the toy box for safe keeping until you earn it back 


until then…

Daddy has allowed me opportunities and i am committed to succeeding

meanwhile this…


Those all important words, in the moment…

fuk me hard

I am not talking about “I love you” or sentimental feelings like that when the Captain is behind me, under me, or has me flung over his lap for his pleasure, giving it to me and taking what he wants. What matters to me and soaks me to the point of being over the top in wanting him are things like, “you are fucking sexy, baby”, “I love the way your tits feel in my hands, spilling out just the way I love them too”, “your body is looking so good, keep going”, “I love having my choice of holes to fill and I will choose which one that is”.

Nothing gets me hotter and keeps me wanting him moarrr than when he sex talks me up like that. He also has an incredible way of narrating what he wants to do to me, or is about to, and then rag dolls me as he plays it all out. Last night he brought out some new supplies that he has been wanting to try on me. He knows this is always alright by me. Even when I struggle and wince at some of the pleasurable pain, he holds me close, kisses me passionately, tells me, I got this and how good I am being, all the while continuing with his mission.

Captain always knows how to calm me and takes my mind to a far better place in how he is making me feel. I love how experimental we are. It always surprises me the way my body responds to what I once thought I would reject. Funny thing is, in the moment, Captain can do anything to me and I am completely submissive. I love that he knows this yet still soothes me into submission.

This red pill lady’s oath to abide by for her Captain is this; “love me, fuck me, spank me, protect me, lead me, guide me and hold me up to meet my highest good. It’s all I need. In return, I will learn to be accountable and responsible for me, respect you immensely, tell you daily how wonderful and amazing you are, touch you every chance I get, walk gracefully and willingly behind you and always, always, always, keep your balls drained”.

My job is to keep my body sexy by working out and taking care of it. Another responsibility of mine is to always look pretty and anticipate what Captain would like to see me in, or not. For instance, when I wear my hair in pigtails it drives him wild, knowing a BJ is in store for him. He appreciates my attention to details in everything, especially when it comes to my appearance and presentation. I can put together a “dress up for the moment” outfit for many situations we encounter.

That is part of the allure and our adventures that keeps the juices flowing…

juice flowing

Life just needs to be fun and exciting, but it is up to us to add the seasonings and spices…