just the thought of You…

Your skin under its fingertips
its body surrendered to Your control
let us please stay right here for just an hour or more
Time to start the day girl He firmly gives a command
sweet moans arise upon its lip
a gentle push one soft whisper yes Sir releasing from His grip
If to simply remain in this luxurious stolen moment
To experience the radiation floating over still lingers in our touch
fill it again with Your fruitful juice
satiated while worshiping You with love and gentle tenderness
Is it possible to actually feel a heart expanding with devotion
seeping from its very soul flooding with emotion
The aroma now penetrating through the heated air
consuming its thoughts wants and desire
begging Him please without saying a word pleading with its flesh on fire
You have taken it places never to have been seen
We started out as a tepid pool of lust
evolving over time into a transformation of trust

                      With every passing day it is left wanting and craving You more                        pleased and honored to be its Master’s submissive little whore


it’s not solely about fucking…

If it were, then be a hooker, a prostitute, a call girl, a whore or any other clichés I forgot to mention.


Being a submissive, regardless of what title is included (baby, little, sub, slave) there is an abundance of responsibilities that come with this honor. There is far more to it than spreading your legs and doing as you are told. To those who do not have this type of active lifestyle, how can you judge that which you do not understand? 

There is a deeply rooted yearning to completely let go and submit to my DD’s every command and demand. I too get my desires and needs met as a direct result. My rewards are abundant, pleasurable and fulfilling. It becomes a lonely real life world when I cannot openly talk about this with others who do not partake, so I write and read in the blog community where there is a true sense of belonging and understanding.

My entire life I have had to maintain a level of control (illusion in itself) in order to survive. As a young teen, I was forced to grow up rather quickly and not have needs, or at least not let them be known for fear of ridicule. Enter into adulthood and marriage, more of the same. My control issues empowered me to a degree of exhaustion. Behind closed doors there was manipulative sex evolving and then diminishing along with respect for that husband. Is it any wonder I barely knew what an orgasm was let alone mind altering fucking? Letting go in this aspect was never an option and left me extremely unsatisfied.

At last divorce was on the horizon! These legs may have well been bound together, (not in a pleasurable way) never to be put to good use, so I thought. A small handful of opportunities over the course of the next three years, I was still left feeling empty. I had resolved myself to believing this truly is all there is to sex. Meh, I can take it or leave it, but was oh so frustrated. No, toys had not crossed my mind, nor found their way into my life, yet.

Life took some shitty twists and turns over the next two years. By then I had been happily divorced for five years and went on hiatus, so to speak, but by choice. Perhaps this is easier for some women than men, I don’t know, but I was determined to not think about it. I poured my attention into other positive outlets thinking I would get filled up and be just fine.

Exercise was at the top of the list. I am a young enough lady that I knew, or at least hoped in the back of my mind, that I was lying to myself about not “needing” sex and I would one day find that Man who would fuck me like He owned me. Until then, I would work on balancing my triangle. I had established a good daily regimen of exerting energy, attended my spiritual meetings and began an overall quest to change my diet. All of these things were beginning to work as the results started to show and I was feeling better from the inside out. Then one day, in walked this amazing, handsome and yes sexy Man. It’s like when you stop looking for your car keys, suddenly they just appear.



He had this staggering strength about Him, a sensual voice that just melted my mind, alluring me to want to be closer to Him, smell Him, have Him touch me. This man held every door, put my seatbelt on, ordered food for me, handled everything in ways I never knew a Man could. Of course His gentlemanly ways were in the early stages as He too was learning about being that true Alpha, but they have not disappeared either. He wasn’t necessarily comfortable to exert His blooming power over me just yet as He tested these new discovered waters. His attraction to me was apparent. Little by little, increasing over time, He added more of His natural ability to lead in His Dominant ways as I learned to slowly let go in my submissiveness.

Sexual tension overtook us both and soon we were fully involved in experimenting with each other’s bodies. Talking about experiences or lack there of from unwilling previous partners, exploration and introduction of kinks were brought out into the light. For the first time in my life I was learning what it felt like to respect a Man and in return, feel adored, loved, cared for and truly desired for more than just my body.

Each form of this lifestyle is unique and determined by every couple and the level that works for them. I am seeing the common thread between subs that our sole purpose is to serve and give full respect to our Dom in every way possible. I have drawn the conclusion that those who squawk at the mere thought of submitting to their man even in the slightest, are just uncomfortable in completely letting go. I could go on about all the benefits in doing so, from mind-blowing sex to feeling so well taken care of that I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. 

Correction and discipline are all a part of life too. Open communication of DD’s expectations of me keep those fewer these days than ever before, but remain imperative. Of course when it is incorporated into playtime, or scenes, then it becomes erotic. There is no explainable reason other than the end results lead to hours of sensual and hard-core fucking, followed by aftercare and then a long deep sleep necessary once in subspace.


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So ultimately this topic does come back around to sex as it should. Having the ability to truly surrender from the depths of my soul, entrusting my DD to have complete control and the power not to destroy me, is the most satisfying state to be in. The craving and undeniable urge to simply want to do the things expected of me drive me into the best little sub I could possibly be. I float through my days with a continuous low roar, ready for my DD’s direction always in all ways. I do maintain my own responsibilities in a much more efficient way!

I feel the winces coming across the net from those females reading this and the men who are in wonder of how they too can “get” their women to alter themselves into submission. It all begins with the “man” taking control and being the leader he never was. Stop being that “nice guy” and treating your woman like she is a queen. If you lead, she will follow. If she doesn’t, push harder. Deep down she wants you to take charge of her and keep her. I have never felt more like a princess than I do now, a far cry from that queen status I maintained for so long.

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<p>And why is he yelling? The best dominant men I’ve ever know didn’t need to yell.


Give Him everything He could ever want, be all He ever needs. On my knees aching to please while expecting nothing. His good little girl, He gives me everything I could possibly need.