My toy box is growing…


Want to get into the “O” zone, not just 1, 2 or 3, but 4 times? You need the most magical wand of all wands, EVER! This was the first birthday present the Captain gave me and for 7 days aboard the houseboat, he kept me in “O” heaven multiple times a day.

My next gift was a pretty G-string with silver chains to decorate his favorite play toy, followed by a new attachment for the ultimate wand. Together they gave the Captain many options of ways to “pull them out of me”.

I felt so spoiled, even though it was my birthday and we were on vacation, I still took every opportunity to satisfy him with a BJ and a couple of hand jobs just to mix things up, every chance I had. So as we stayed in our semi-secluded little cove on our favorite lake, we kept that boat rockin’ no less than two times a day and sometimes even three.

I got to thinking how amazing our sex life is and all the experimenting and playing we do. He takes a lot of time exploring online to discover new toys, ideas, methods. Anything that gets him horny and hot thinking about doing them to me and with me. I absolutely love it when he says, “a box came for you today”. I am like a little girl who is about to get a new Barbie doll. (that’s what I looked forward to when I was little anyway)

So the party had to come to an end as we docked the boat yesterday and came home last night. Well, wouldn’t you know it, there was another gift waiting that arrived FedEx while we were gone. This one was black and it fits nicely around my neck. I’ll leave the rest to one’s imagination. Captain then tells me there is one more on its way. Feeling like such a good girl, I can barely contain myself as I wait in anticipation.

Today we had to get back to life and reality for the work week was upon us. Mentally I am still out there floating on that rockin’ boat, as Captain keeps me drenched, hot and steamy for not only mine, but his pleasure too.

As I write this out tonight, I was remembering back to my twenties, even thirties and thinking how reserved I was with sex. How boring, unfulfilled and didn’t know what satisfied was about. Honestly, in that marriage of mine, it was all duty sex until it became like a leverage tool. Then it diminished to the point of nonexistence until the marriage finally died.

I am so grateful to have been brought to this man I call Captain and that he was brought to me. We share so much together today and because of that intimacy of the heart and secrets we share of the past, we can explore so much more. The door to the most amazing sex life I could ever dream possible has swung wide open, among other things. 😉

Whats in your toy box_full

don’t forget the rope and that all important oil…