You said it will take time…

…may I please have a date on the calendar and a time on the clock then?


people care and have paid attention…

Living with such intensity

Putting myself out there for all the world to see

Roads paved with mock~able beta men

Passively addressing leaving me to remember when

How I craved the sternness and power under Your control

The subtle consensual exchange as we began to grow

A glance over my shoulder not a single moment of regret

Carefully selected by You made me never to forget

Just sitting there approached from everywhere I turn

My head fully aware that my heart stings from the burn

Dance with this one and from that one accept another drink

Don’t get so close stop touching me please I am on the brink

They all feel so wrong knowing what they are after

I am not for them this feels like a cruel joke but I’ve yet to hear the laughter

Days are fading into night plans we made coming up fast

Distracting myself from disbelief that we were not to last

My thoughts interrupted by an inquisitive friend wanting simply just to know

“where’s your man” the quiet words whispered from my lips “He let me go”

Not knowing what to say he shook his head with charm

followed with an “I’m so sorry” and a gentle caress upon my arm

We had become iconic Daddy and me in our tiny little town

People taking comfort seeing us around

“You always looked so happy” more soothing words they say

“I thought we were” is all I reply “but here we are today”

Stop dwelling my head tells my heart

How can we heal and move on while we remain torn apart

I’ll get there when I’m ready to stop bathing in the sorrow

I know there has to be a joyful and brighter tomorrow

Life keeps on turning with the kindness of others who mean well

Continued reminders of what once was now only time will tell

You always seemingly knew what was for the best

This time a standing ovation putting us to rest

Now the silent promise to Yourself keep a safe distance so not to stumble

Severed and all alone assuring us not to crumble

No one seems to understand the ache I bear within

Desperately wanting to lunge me forward to begin anew once again

As Daddy already declared that time is all that can fill

The broken-hearted emptiness but for now time is standing still


living intentionally…


I am a design made of multiple complexities, minor flaws and major attributes. I don’t come with an instruction manual nor do I possess a large quantity of malfunctioning parts, but I can tell you this; 



I am lovable beyond belief, irreplaceable to the point of regret, strong in matters of the heart, more loyal than the puppy next door with patience near that of a kitty waiting outside a mouse’s little house, have integrity as the day is long and contain an abundance of love that is never-ending.  


If suddenly I were a flame that flickered out, destined to become the faint memory that once graced your life, would you gasp in disbelief that my breath is no longer yours to take in, that what is has become what was and everything you ever knew and thought to be has irreversibly changed in an instant for eternity.


Panic stricken and riddled with fear, desperately wanting the hands of time to turn back. You clutch for one more chance, a solitary moment, even if only for a second to say those unspoken words, to undo what has been done, to hold tighter to what could have been, to value what always was, to at last understand the meaning of a precious commodity, to create moments that leave memories etched upon your heart over completion of mundane tasks, to have taken the time to discover all the possibilities of what could have been, to know what it feels like to have your spirit remade, to indulge in pure joy and contentment, to receive new mercy with every new-born day, to know what it means to be filled with love, but instead you are now left with how it truly is.


time stands still as Your heart beats slow

hitting Your knees head sinks low

 guilt rages within eyes overflow 

looking up to the sky sorrow begins to grow

 pain so intense next time You will know…

in Daddy’s absence He assures His little girl…

It’s only temporary

it isn’t permanent

It’s only six weeks

it isn’t forever

It’s only going away

it isn’t leaving you

It’s only sad feelings

it isn’t a fact

It’s only the truth

it isn’t a lie

It’s only this little girl’s heart

is isn’t going to die

XO lg

during the hardest times…

the dream is always the same

I awake calling your name

unspoken words things that were left unsaid

days are passing by every hour fills with dread

where was my lack of trust in knowing that you care

fear became my enemy expression I did not dare

now I am left holding my heart in my hand

uncertain of anything except for where we stand

alone in the darkness so quiet and empty

the deceiver so taunting comes around to hurt me

I write it out on paper my words seem so healing

as always before me you know how I’m feeling

take care of myself my body soul and mind

to thine own self be true honest loving and kind

this doesn’t make sense how we got to this place

so much to still share yet you are gone without a trace

when will the sadness stop that is deep within me

another day is unfolding yet I cannot clearly see

I always thought we were worth trying for

the love I have in my heart is for you the man I adore

I asked for a measure of time to clean up what remains

to put what’s been done to rest our foundation to sustain

leave nothing unfinished in an instant it could all be gone

then what is left but sorrow and regret for all that is still undone

the timing must not be right to go through this next part

until the peace washes over me I cannot speak my heart

for now I will keep walking through each and every day

it will come in perfect order just what we need to say


it only takes a few words…

best friend

The sun came up after a rare, peaceful night’s sleep. Exhausted from traveling, yet somehow more filled up. Then a simple gesture comes through, one little touch, my best friend reaches out into my heart she did creep;

“I’m thinking about you today.

I wish I could do something to help, but only time will.” 

A tear springs to my eye reminding me to feel.

Why am I struggling so? God help me heal!

I have come so far from the place I once clung to. By now I would have sought out in another to numb and distract me until time moved me on and I could start anew.

God has shown me the ways to care about me, not rely on the world to cover my wounds, but to look up and find refuge in all that I see.

These days remind me still that I am the same girl, wanting love and protection the need to be filled.

For a brief period of time in the grand scheme of things, I was blessed to have had a glimpse of what it might bring. 

His actions on my mind how they still ring out, like a song to my heart, console and bring comfort his words they do shout;

“It’s handled kitty…”

loved kitty

Those three simple words I came to trust and depend on, in essence when spoken from his lips, never let me down.

Having been starved for love since being a little girl, the craving for more brought me to a place I thought I’d never feel.

It surely felt like God’s hands were right in there, delivering His blessing through the flesh of a savior.

Choices I have made I can finally see, the rungs on the ladder got out of order because of me.

“I didn’t ask you to put me there.”


“I did that all on my own.”

It has taken this time for clarity to erase some of the confusion that had fogged my vision and took me to a horizontal position.

Sometimes I think I see God’s plan, His vision and design, at least a small portion of what He has in mind.

I am so grateful you graced my life and entered my heart, not a note of regret nor an ounce of remorse, only fond memories play a part. 



just part of the journey…

china air

gazing to the sky as your plane descends through the air

my heart sinks a little more knowing you no longer care

not wanting to bear thoughts of me not waiting for that flight

six hours down another highway I drove into the night

a simple change of scenery from the corners of my mind 

turning it all over a daily struggle I often find

take comfort in His mercy knowing He brought me to this 

with honor favor and grace I am promised I will have bliss

she saw through my eyes into the windows of my soul

startled by her touch this stranger said I’ll take this grief so you will be whole

smiling I replied but for today I still feel weary as this too one day will pass

until then I will keep talking about it not caring if I’m a pain in the ass

when my silence does come what a glorious day that shall be

the healing may have started for now I am where I am and this is just me

it saddens me to know that what once was is no longer

my heart though it’s been tattered continues to beat stronger

a month is drawing near since we last said a final word

departing of our ways neither one clearly heard

the reprieve I did need from seeing your comforting face

grateful for your time away which brought me to a better space

sometimes life feels so heavy confusing and torn apart

turn the page as we walk away giving a brand new start

all I ever wanted was to love you through it all 

when that exchange didn’t happen from you we began to fall

this is not how I want to remember you today 

but rather that man I did love I will honestly be able to say…

love you always








I am not ashamed to admit, my struggle continues…


I have a particular ass~signment that was suggested I complete for me to get to the other side of this emotional pain and discomfort from my heartache. I took the single sheet of paper out tonight for probably the fifth time. As I looked at it with more determination this time, I vowed to accomplish the daunting task at hand. Try as I may to muster up the courage, the tears poured like the rain outside my window. Again I ask the question, how the fuck am I going to conclude this “closure work” around something I never wanted to be closed in the first place?

Apparently if I do this work, miraculously the nearly three years I invested my heart in will heal just like that? Call me a pessimist, but I am certain it does not quite work like that. There is a process to it that with God and time I will heal. I continue to work a spiritual program of emotional sobriety and one thing I know is, I only get back the amount I am willing to put into anything. I also know that forcing a solution rarely, if ever, works. When I give time ample time, the results will come because of my efforts.

In posing the question to myself, “what spouted off the waterworks that were so incredibly intense this evening”? Aside from the paper that now is tucked away back in my journal for safe hiding, the answers weren’t clear, so I sat with my feelings and just let the tears flow, again. Once they subsided, I began to explore the partitions of my heart. I thought of recent days and realized how alone I feel. Events of life occur, obstacles, challenges, triumphs and successes. Sharing these things with someone makes the frightening parts feel cut in half and the glorious ones seem to double in joy. I feel cheated out of the option to confide and glorify in, or just run them by the one I want to.

I injured myself Friday at the finish line of my warmup mile run just before I was to start my workout at “the box”. I did a pretty damn good job of damaging parts of me if I do say so myself. I managed to get my banged up self to the car, I sat there bleeding, in shock and pain. I began to cry, more because the person I would have first called is no longer available to soothe and comfort me. After a few minutes, I pulled myself together and headed home to clean up.

I had enough presence of mind to send some pictures to my sister. I never shared my emotional state of sadness with her, only my anger at my own stupidity. Then I heard His words in my heart, “Stop. You’re not stupid..shit happens”. Followed by explicit instructions of what to do. I was remaining obedient even in His absence. How does that even work? As I showered, I was writhing in pain from the hot water stinging on my torn skin and swelling leg. While the tears continued to run down my cheeks I wondered what hurt more.

tams eyes

As always, I carried on with the next thing in front of me regardless of the aches that were consuming me. It was a long, quiet drive to my destination. I had entirely too much alone time in the car and could not seem to force the flow of the traffic to pick up its pace. The attempts to push thoughts from my mind were failing me. I cranked the stereo up louder and when I did, the speakers reminded me of repairs that were still in need of attention. Another indicator of unfinished business that will require closure too.

By now I was drowning in a sea of memories, one thought carrying over to another. Signs pointing out realities that are now making sense to me. Clarity I needed, that perhaps confusion kept me safe from at the time. Finally the turn off from the busy highway to a long, lonely country road that was leading me to a place where I’d find my safe haven for the next two nights. A place where just being me is acceptable and I could simply breathe or not, it was completely up to me.

At last the car led me down the familiar road and up the driveway where I could seek solace and comfort. Feeling so much physical pain at this point, I managed to pour my ass out of the car and limp up the sidewalk, open the door and settle in. It was in that very instance that I knew, when God brings me to it, His promise to me is He will get me through it. I stopped beating myself up for lacking the courage to force my way to the other side of this ordeal.

Up to this point in my life, I have walked through an over abundance of emotional pain. By the grace of God I have been learning what it takes to conquer those demons, one foot in front of the other, one second, one minute, one hour, one day at a time. I pray God, please move me through this with Your mercy and grace, but hurry up about it.

I was reminded today from a warm heart that I “have a good head on my shoulders” and to “stay that way”. 😉 My grateful reply was, “going backwards is not an option”. Those kinds words, along with many others, keep me in right thinking. I am a fulltime job worth paying attention to and I will always be a beautiful new creation in progress. The Lord is faithful within me, His love unfailing and everlasting.

tight hug

Again and a fucking~gin…


my heart fucked up again

when will it ever end

my head said, “hey dummy, you’ve traveled this path

did you learn nothing from suffering His wrath”

how goddamn many swats will it take

do you really want to break

respect  is such a significant gift

one you give graciously with every lift

so why can’t you get it through your stupid girl head

are you trying to dissolve what means everything until it is dead

lord please help me do better my heart is crying out

Your child is strug-gul-ling as she begins to scream and shout

what happened was monumental in my Sir’s eyes

I cannot hide through any disguise

run from the sadness sitting still is trial

my words He cannot hear and are only vile

pain from my wrong unbearably difficult hold

if Sir would only forgive me but my asking is much too bold

reaching out to Him in the midst of His anger

is not in my best interest and puts our relationship in danger

Sir whom I trust completely to be who You are

please find me in Your heart and not push away so far

Your kitten is so sorry if You would only believe

it is my honor to serve and please these blessings You shall receive

my respect runs deeply through in everything I do

how beautiful my life complimented by You

I cherish and adore You all my days that You touch

Sir without Your presence I am missing you so very much

Your hands grazing my body lips upon my skin

how I long to feel You Sir deep within

taking everything while holding me so tight

over and over again long into the night

meanwhile I patiently wait attempting to just be

the one thing You always ask of me…

just be 2

Sir is far away…


the warmth of Your breath on my back

as You drift off to sleep

listening to You gently exhale

my body for You to keep

be still so not to wake You

time frozen for now

soon the plane will whisk You away

relax You say but how

far from home

from everyday strife

(from me)

and from life

Sir how I will miss You

as You ascend into the air

exhausted yet so filled up

from the last hours that we shared

between trips Sir took me

never wanting it to end

so much pleasure and passion

again and again and again…

while You count hours

for Your feet to hit ground

I watch the clock

till Your flight touches down

You assure I will be just fine

for this longer stint apart

You Sir are always right

and deep within my heart

at last to hear Your voice

see a distorted picture view

a breath it did escape me

every minute something new

what feels like an eternity

is really a moment in time

until then I’ll find much to do

to occupy my mind

a test without Your presence

from only the week before

I need to handle things without You

my promise to Sir whom I adore

being His good girl

Sir will reward His Kitty

loyal devoted always true

keep proving myself worthy

firm hand